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Alex Miranda
Alex Miranda is a junior at DGS and is the Video News Director for the Blueprint. As a sophomore he participated in leadership events including the fall and winter Snowballs, Mad Dash and the P.E. Leading training program. Miranda began his journalism endeavors as one of only two sophomores on the Blueprint staff for the 2018-19 season and represented DGS at sectionals and state for editorial writing, bringing home a first place prize for the former.

In his junior year, Miranda is excited to further pursue his interest in journalism, primarily representing the video news department and opinions writing. He plans to continue his volunteer work with HandsOn Suburban Chicago, a network benefitting local nonprofit organizations. In addition, he enjoys teaching STEM and safety activities to young children at his parents’ family-owned daycare center in Chicago.

Miranda is entering his fourth year of Spanish, a skill he finds especially beneficial to help connect him to his Cuban heritage. He also looks forward to being a fall Snowball leader, where his leadership and communication skills will be on display in a fun and supportive environment. 

In his free time, Miranda is an avid roller coaster enthusiast, thrill-seeker, world traveler and lover of music and the arts. Doing adventurous things is a major part of his life, and he finds there is a lot of fun to be had in overcoming obstacles and facing his fears. Ultimately, Miranda knows that the most important thing in life is surrounding one’s self with good friends and family, and he is blessed to have both.

Alex Miranda, Online Co-Editor-in-Chief

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