The college application process is well underway here in February
The College Board’s biggest fear: COVID-19 interfering with standardized testing
Andrew Calek, Features editor • February 12, 2021

College admissions offices across the country thrive on standardized test scores to decide who gets admitted into their school. The College Board...

Through the pandemic nurses work long hours to help others through this time.
Nurse Fatigue
Kassem Ossman, Entertainment Editor • February 1, 2021

As the COVID-19 numbers surge day after day, it continues to take a toll on the essential workers working for hospitals and urgent care. During...

Another winter activity made possible for Downers Grove residents by the snowstorm is building snowmen. This one made by a DGS senior stands at nearly seven feet tall.
Snowstorm buries Downers Grove under over a foot of snow
Luc Alvarez, Editor-in-Chief • February 1, 2021

Lack of student engagement has caused teachers to feel they are teaching "into the Zoom Void."
‘Teaching into the Zoom Void’: Teachers struggle with students’ lack of engagement
Jacqueline Barba, Editor-In-Chief • January 28, 2021

While the focus of virtual learning has primarily been on students, there has been one presence in the classroom that has been largely ignored...

Sharkey gained admission to Caltech through QuestBridge
One of six percent: Domani Sharkey earns full-ride to Caltech
Annie Le, Head Copy Editor • January 27, 2021

Senior Domani Sharkey slowly moved her mouse to hover over the status update button. She held her breath and clicked. “Congratulations, you...

As people of color navigate through different spaces, many say they feel the need to switch between different ways of talking in order to be perceived in a positive light.
Acceptance over authenticity: Students and staff of color share their experiences with code-switching
Luc Alvarez, Editor-in-Chief • January 22, 2021

Merriam-Webster defines code-switching as “the switching from the linguistic system of one language or dialect to that of another.” For those...

Behind the counter registers are protected by glass for in-store customers.
Essential workers: High School students working through a pandemic
Drey McGrew, Print Sports Editor • January 19, 2021

As Covid-19 surged through the US in 2020 millions of people were forced into tough job situations. Teenagers are a group that was seriously...

New years resolutions are always a challenge to stay true to, but a pandemic brings a whole new array of hardships this year.
Going into the new year: Quarantine edition
Gwendolynne Royle, Opinions Editor • January 5, 2021


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