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Parker shows one of the many vinyl records that he owns
Parker speaks about vinyl records
Kassem Ossman, Entertainment Editor • June 4, 2021

English teacher Trevor Parker collects all types of vinyl records, from jazz to opera he talks about what inspired him to start collecting as...

PE teacher Medina instructs students during class while following COVID-19 regulations.
Medina perseveres through COVID-19 restrictions by inspiring PE classes
Alex Miranda, Editor-in-Chief • May 31, 2021

Arguably the area of curriculum most impacted by COVID-19 restrictions is the area in which physicality is prioritized: physical education. PE...

Junior Deanna Eslit enjoys her trips to Chipotle where she is able to pick up her favorite meal.
Eslit shares her Chipotle finds
Teagan Smith, Features Editor • May 28, 2021

Junior Deanna Eslit, like the rest of us, has a favorite place to go when she needs a fast and delicious meal. Fast food restaurants are both...

In this video essay, Claire Valenti talks about the power of writing.
This I Believe: The Power of Writing
Claire Valenti, Freelance Writer • May 28, 2021

Thompson shares the books she’s loved, the books she’s hated and the books that she remembers from her childhood in a reflective Q and A centered around literature.
DGS English teacher Thompson reflects on the role books have played in her life
Jacqueline Barba, Editor-In-Chief • May 24, 2021

Before English teachers were educators, they were simply readers. Indelibly, the role of an educator, especially one who specializes in teaching...

Clare Wisdom takes a road trip with her family to Colorado, she loves adventuring and this is something she wants to pursue later in life.
Q&A with Clare Wisdom
Lexie Lukacik, Photo Editor • May 21, 2021

Clare Wisdom is a senior at Downers Grove South. She loves nature and is finding a way to incorporate her hobbies into her future plans after...

Urgello hones her skills on her Baldwin piano at home.
Urgello reveals her experience as a pianist
Alexis Pragides, Graphics Director • May 17, 2021

Senior Jillian Urgello has been playing piano since grade school and often volunteers at Sunday morning masses at St. Scholastica Church as a...

Food is a part of many family traditions. Watch this documentary to hear several stories.
Passing Down the Wisk
Abigail Durkin, Freelance Writer • May 17, 2021

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