Black voices for Black Lives Matter: DGS students speak out on racial inequality

Instances of activism captured at the Black Lives Matter protest in Chicago on May 30.

Jacqueline Barba and Alex Miranda

June 4, 2020

“When I was in the fifth grade, I cried to my mom because I hated my skin. She took a mirror and made me look at myself and told me why I was beautiful… growing up in a world where you are constantly oppressed makes you view yourself differently, as if you don’t matter,” said incoming senior...

On the other side of the Zoom screen: Teachers learn e-Learning

In addition to submitting a form released by Dr. Thiele, students also needed to confirm their attendance with each of their teachers.

Paul Szmanda, Online Co-Editor-in-Chief

May 15, 2020

From independent note-taking to Zoom meetings, the Coronavirus forced students to adopt a whole new way of learning. On the other end of this experience are the teachers who had to modify their thought-out lesson plans to not only fit the restrictions of e-Learning but also to keep students motivated...

Long form: a look at the graduating class of 2020

Caleb Radcliffe is just one graduating senior whose year was quickly cut short by COVID-19

Vincent Llanes, Copy Editor

May 15, 2020

May of 2020 was expected to be an incredible and memorable time for the graduating class of 2020 all throughout the world. For the class of 2020, however, these dreams were quickly cut short by COVID-19; the pandemic quickly spread throughout the world and forced in-home learning for virtually all students...

COVID-19 brings challenges to student athletes: How athletes have been keeping up with staying fit

Student athletes have faced challenges when it comes to practicing with facilities being closed.

Ariel Oh, Print Features Editor

May 14, 2020

With the remainder of the school year being cancelled due to COVID-19, situations with sports teams at DGS have been left up in the air. Student athletes have been making-do with all workout facilities, fields, gyms and spring sports seasons being shut down -- which has affected quite a few students’...

Under the microscope: An inside look at DGS’s Research Club

DGS Research Club offers students the opportunity to conduct their own long-term research projects.

Jacqueline Barba, Managing Editor

May 14, 2020

Stepping into Research Club, there’s a sense of controlled chaos. In one corner, students laugh with each other while pouring and mixing different liquids in beakers while in another, a student sits with their chromebook open, eyebrows furrowed as they scribble notes. Everyone is busy and focused,...

AP photography: What is expected from students

A look back at the Winter Art Show, where all AP art student's work is highlighted.

Marjorie Lichner, Head Copy Editor

May 13, 2020

Click! An AP photography student snaps her camera to capture the perfect shot of a ladybug sunning itself on a lilypad. This isn’t the only AP art class offered here at DGS -- AP design, AP studio art 3D design, AP music theory and AP computer design are many of the art based AP classes offered to...

Behind the Zoom screen: How teachers are coping with remote learning

With COVID-19 causing face-to-face learning to be cancelled for the rest of the year, many teachers now communicate with their students via video chats.

Sarah Barber, Online Co-Editor-in-Chief

May 8, 2020

There’s no denying how much COVID-19 has altered the world we live in-- from working and learning online to being unable to see loved ones, this is an unprecedented time. In District 99, the majority of the focus has been on how well the students are coping; however, it’s important to recognize the...

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