• November 30Remote through semester
  • November 23Odd periods 11/23 and even periods 11/24 then from 11/25 to 11/29 Thanksgiving break
  • November 23Illinois goes back to stage 3
The 2020-2021 school year brought unique challenges for DGS social workers and psychologists.
A year like no other: DGS social workers and school psychologists adapt to remote learning
Jacqueline Barba, Editor-In-Chief • November 23, 2020

The 2020-2021 school year has brought challenges for students and staff members alike; however, DGS school psychologists and social workers have...

Kandakudy took extra courses alongside his normal school work in order to become a certified nursing assistant.
The 17 year-old in scrubs: Lestin Kandakudy finds a place in nursing
Annie Le, Head Copy Editor • November 23, 2020

Senior Lestin Kandakudy sets down his pencil and closes the cover of the AP biology textbook on his desk. He looks at the clock — it’s time....

Senior Derek Hoffman illustrates his passions for animation and video production on his Youtube channel "Derek Draws."
'Derek Draws,' audience awes: Hoffman entertains, inspires with personal Youtube channel
Alex Miranda, Editor-In-Chief • November 22, 2020

Science class chaos, hell’s itch and Animal Crossing—senior Derek Hoffman’s creative world bubbles with honest, eccentric depictions of...

This year we can see an incline in the number people battling with their mental health
What does good mental health look like?: How to best support yourself
Mimi Akintunde-Nieves, Social Media Director • November 19, 2020

Supporting yourself can come in different forms. According to the CDC, one’s mental and physical wellness are both equal components to...

Even after students return to the classroom, COVID-19
COVID-(20)19 and beyond: COVID-19's impact on the education of today and tomorrow
Luc Alvarez, Editor-in-Chief • November 18, 2020

Since the COVID-19 pandemic first began in the U.S., DGS has been forced to remain almost exclusively remote, drastically changing how the school...

Zoe Boyd poses for a picture before her first board meeting as a student representative.
New year, new representation: Zoe Boyd takes on the role of student representative to the board
Jacqueline Barba, Editor-In-Chief • November 17, 2020

With the arrival of a new school year came the time to elect a new student representative to the District 99 board. Chosen from a pool of applicants...

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, teens should drink a max of 100 mg of caffeine a day.
Caffeine addicts: Teens tripling recommended intake to get through day
Teagan Smith, Features Editor • November 16, 2020

She glances at the clock on her dashboard as she pulls into the drive-thru, eight minutes until class starts; that’s maybe enough time to...

Zoom fatigue has caused students to become less engaged with their online classes.
‘ZZZ’oom meetings: Online learning and its effect on students’ fatigue
Alexis Pragides, Graphics Director • November 14, 2020

Since the switch to remote learning began at the start of the school year, many students have begun to feel a new type of weariness—Zoom fatigue....

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