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Some things are better left unsaid. Mimi Nieves explains her Top 12 most common questions she has been asked as a multiracial female.
Top 12 common questions that are actually racist: What you shouldn’t say to a mixed girl
Mimi Akintunde-Nieves, Social Media Director • February 26, 2021

Growing up I have been asked some of the craziest things you could possibly imagine about my race and ethnicity, a perk to being mixed. Not only...

Controversial statement made by social impact artist Shala Akintunde is triggering everyone.
Your insecurity is selfish & self-centered.
Mimi Akintunde-Nieves, Social Media Director • February 23, 2021

Nigerian social impact artist, Shala Akintunde once said “Insecurity is selfish and self-centered”. This is not his first controversial statement...

A weather forecast of the snow storm that hit Texas over the past weekend.
Texas isn't our only issue: Why we should be more concerned about climate change
Ariel Oh, Opinions Editor • February 20, 2021

While Texas is known for its heat, barbeque and cowboy boots, Texans are currently experiencing anything but the Texas lifestyle. Over the past...

Image from Creative Commons, Edited by Enzo Rovito
Realness: The true extravagance of a Kiki Ball
Enzo Rovito, Graphic Designer • February 10, 2021

Every year thousands of LGBTQ+ children are kicked out of their homes. With nowhere to go, these young people flee to big cities in hopes of...

By failing to listen to students, District 99 makes a well-intentioned, obvious misstep with purchase of Paper.
Waste of Paper: District makes avoidable mistake with purchase of new tutoring service
Luc Alvarez, Editor-in-Chief • February 9, 2021

On Jan. 25, students were formally introduced to Paper, a 24/7 chat-based tutoring service recently purchased by the district for $173,356.20,...

GameStop investors collectively drove up the value of GameStop in order to put hedge funds at a financial deficit.
Dueling opinions: Was r/WallStreetBets' takedown of hedge funds right?
Luc Alvarez and Annie Le February 5, 2021


Idolizing influencers: Why we should set some boundaries
Idolizing influencers: Why we should set some boundaries
Gwendolynne Royle, Opinions Editor • February 3, 2021

All too often, I find myself idolizing people who I have never met. Whether it be an actor from my new favorite movie, a TikToker who has taken...

Sports may be really confusing (and when I mean confusing I mean confusing) but that shouldn
If Troy Bolton can get into musicals, then I can get into sports
Kassem Ossman, Entertainment Editor • February 1, 2021

Sports were never my thing, maybe it was the fact that I never had a father to throw a football with, or maybe it was because I’m gay, but...

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