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The Klaeren family out to dinner at Capital Grille.

The Klaeren clan: banding together

Kate Dziewinski, Sports Editor November 21, 2023

“Mom and dad” is not something students usually call their teachers at DGS, but for the Klaeren family, it's an exception. The Klaerens can practically call DGS a second home to them, considering each...

Staser records an upcoming episode for his podcast.

Staser entertains, educates with social studies podcast

Nicholas Sadelski, Opinions Editor October 24, 2023

There are many ways to convey ideas: books, videos, games, but then there are also podcasts. It’s a format where the only thing present are the words spoken by the host, something perfect for a person...

Seniors Teah Stephenson and Lauren Donahue get in costume and makeup ready to scare haunted house goers this season.

Stephenson and Donahue set up scaring success at Hell’s Gate

Grace Rerucha, Features Editor October 12, 2023

As Halloween approaches quickly, many teenagers are making plans for the perfect spine-chilling fall activity - haunted houses. The thrill and fear that comes with walking or running through a haunted...

Patel tries to quickly login so he can play a match of Fortnite.

Krrish Patel blasts Fortnite tournament away

Anzhelo Katsarski, Freelance Writer October 11, 2023

Senior Krrish Patel has been playing video games since he was 12 years old. His love for gaming began when he played Fortnite for the first time, which opened the door to the world of competitive video-gaming...

Senior Anzhelo Katsarski performs one of his traditional dances.

Anzhelo Katsarski dances his way to television

Krrish Patel, Freelance Writer October 3, 2023

Senior Anzhelo Katsarski has been dancing since the age of 10, but it is probably not the type of dance most people think of–he's been dancing traditional Bulgarian dances and hip-hop. He learned...

Iancu performs with the Wind Ensemble at DGS.

Marko Iancu produces hip-hop music

Andrew Staser, Freelance Writer September 29, 2023

Many seniors may struggle to find what they want to do after high school, but for senior Marko Iancu, he’s already begun creating music. Smiling, he explained how he was inspired by the music he listened...

Sophomore Elsa Kramer works on her expertise and her next story in the student library.

Kramer prepares to take on journalism

Dominic Marcantelli, Freelance Writer September 28, 2023

Sophomore Elsa Kramer has been reading and writing since she was five years old. After practicing journalism on many occasions, Kramer plans on joining the Blueprint at DGS. Then, she plans on following...

Senior Kara Filice reminisces on her time as a Little Mustang Preschool teacher.

Senior Kara Filice works towards entering the teaching force

Grace Stapleton, Freelance Writer September 21, 2023

The goal of every teacher is to instill knowledge, but for senior Kara Filice, it's much more. She hopes to make memories that last a lifetime and instill a love for learning that carries her students...

Senior Maija Flannery prepares to continue fine arts in college.

Flannery pursues passion in fine arts

Nicholas Sadelski, Opinions Editor September 19, 2023

If there are student-athletes then there are also student-artists. Senior Maija Flannery has used her passion to make the fine arts a prevalent aspect of her high school life. Additionally, she is also...

Logan is excited for the new possibilities in college, but is also worried about being unprepared for the real world.

Senior Hannah Logan reflects on time at DGS, preparation for future

Emma Fudacz, Editor-in-Chief July 10, 2023

Senior Hannah Logan graduated with the class of 2023. Logan participated in Orchesis and loves to dance. Logan also was a member of Key Club and Friendship Club year-round. Q: What are your next year...

Arwen Lyp has served as the DGS principal for the last nine months.

The life and times of a principal

Liam Wells, Freelance Writer May 15, 2023

Most students get their understanding of what a principal is from their experience with TV shows and movies. Think “Middle School: The Worst Years of My Life,” “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” and...

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