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The student news site of Downers Grove South High School


The student news site of Downers Grove South High School


Hoovel caters to his coffee craze

Taylor Beattie
Derek Hoovel with his Starbucks Coffee during class.

Coffee is a staple item in about 73% of Americans’ lives. The need for energy on a day-to-day basis is a normalized idea in our society, supporting those within the working class through their days. Since many of the teachers at DGS stay throughout the whole school day, as well as time before or after, they typically find coffee as a reliable pick-me-up.

Derek Hoovel works within the Social Studies department at DGS and is known by students for his love of the beverage.

“The first time I remember drinking coffee I was 10 years old at my grandpa’s funeral. There was coffee available and next to it was a box of Domino sugar cubes, I dumped 1/2 dozen of the sugar cubes into the coffee and thought it was awesome! I really started drinking coffee regularly in college,” Hoovel said.

Like many who live close enough to one, Hoovel is a frequent customer of Starbucks, going almost every day before he arrives at school.

“I typically order a straight black cold brew from Starbucks. I can usually make a cold brew last through most of the day.” Hoovel said.

While stopping at a coffee shop is one way to get your caffeine fix, it’s also typical for people to make their brew at home.

Senior Jennatte Hamdan is a student in Hoovels’ class who also drinks coffee, but is a firm believer in making her own prior to the long school day ahead.

“I usually make a cup from my machine and mix creamer from the grocery store into it. I also make sure to bring a cup that has a lid to school so I can sip it throughout my classes.” Hamdan said.

Hamdan saves time on her way to school by already having her beverage on hand, but she sees why her teacher enters the drive-thru line prior to his workday.

“I do like Starbucks coffee, it’s just not convenient for me to go there on the way to school. I also like to have control on how much creamer and sugar is added,” Hamdan said.

Hamdan is satisfied with this method, however Hoovel still prefers his daily trip to Starbucks. It may cost more, but he finds it to be more enjoyable.

“I used to make my own coffee most of the time but during COVID I decided one way for me to cope was by treating myself to Starbucks more often and unfortunately it became a hard-to-break habit,” Hoovel said.

Everyone has a way in which they treat themself, and this is Hoovels’. When asked if he would recommend drinking coffee to others, he had one fair warning.

“Be aware of the addictive nature and really try to keep it in moderation,” Hoovel said.

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