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Freshman Friday: Jodie Velez

Kendall Brost, Online Entertainment Editor
January 19, 2018

Q: What are you involved in at DGS? A: I'm in the book club, and I've been looking into joining other clubs. Q: What are you looking forward to in the next four years? A: Graduating [and] going to college. Q: What's your favorite snack? A: I guess fruits and vegetables. Q: What's your favorite hallway at DGS? A: The C hallway because I'm in there a lot. Q: What's the class th...

Freshman Friday: Nathan Gustafson

Matthew Hollendonner, Business Manager
January 12, 2018

Q: How is your DGS experience so far Nathan? A: “Its pretty good, there is a good and bad to [school] -- there are pros and cons. It’s good because it’s a much larger school and you can meet way more people and make even more friends. It’s also bad because it’s much harder than middle school.” Q: How have you been involved with the school so far this year? A: “I’ve been on...

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Things are still looking frosty in the Windy City for Chicago sports

Sherwin Thomas, Copy Editor
December 21, 2017

When you walk through the streets of Chicago, there’s a certain atmosphere that you immediately grasp--the feeling of people’s immense pride in their city. While the same could be said for many of the larger metropolitan areas around the country, Chicagoans draw a distinct pleasure in the history of their home and the many different subgroups that make up that history. Of course, there is one big thi...

Eat, sleep, skate: Josey aims for a successful season

Katie Anthony, Print News Editor
December 19, 2017

Madelyn Josey's morning doesn’t begin through the doors of DGS, but instead on the fresh ice of the rink. It isn’t the piercing first period bell that wakes her, it’s the sound of newly sharpened skates slicing through the smooth ice. Josey’s mornings, nights and weekends are intertwined with skating practices and competitions in West Meadows, Glenview, Oakton and across the Midwest. “During...

D99 Hoops shoots for bright futures

Barbara Collins, Online Co-Editor-In-Chief
December 14, 2017

The lights in the DGN field house flicker on and illuminate the basketball court below. Athletes enter the gym, peel off their puffy winter coats and toss them onto the bleachers to reveal jerseys underneath. Slowly but surely, the three-tiered bleachers fill with adoring parents and excited Superfans, shifting in their seats as the long-awaited D99 Hoops game against Hinsdale South draws near. D...

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Throwback Thursday: Max Schmidt-Bailey

Vince Vena, Copy Editor
January 18, 2018

Schmidt-Bailey and his brother Nick in front of their elementary school. 8-year-old Schmidt-Bailey poses for a picture with his family....

Horoscopes 1/16

Lindsay Valero, Photo/Video Editor
January 17, 2018

Aries - You’ve recently started to stress about subjects that are meant to excite you. Remember to embrace the moment you are in and feel grateful for the opportunities you have. Taurus - Your life has become a seemingly never-ending process of just getting through the day. It’s important to take time out of your day to focus on your passions and things that make your life worthy. Gemini - A goal that yo...

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A Jonah Ocuto Short: The Issuez
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