• May 10AP Exams are taking place throughout the week
  • May 7Prom Tickets 85$
  • May 6AP Exams
DGS activities has released updates regarding prom ticket sales and event information.
Masquerade Prom 2021 ticket sale extension and update
Alex Miranda and Jacqueline Barba April 30, 2021

Masquerade prom 2021 tickets will be available to purchase for $85 until Friday, May 7, extended an additional week from the original Friday, April 30 deadline. Seniors must purchase their ticket and reserve their spot on the DGS Activities event page....

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DGS hands out new parking stickers that are available to most Juniors and Seniors.
Juniors enjoy their new available parking at DGS
Lexie Lukacik, Photo Editor • May 11, 2021

As the year comes to an end, the seniors are still trying to manage finding parking spots in the supposed “senior lot.” Downers Grove South fully opened the school up to all students, and now more spots were available for students to park in. There have been many complaints within the senior class because many of those people who went through the process to get a parking pass are seeing their...

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Senior Milia Saei, at her last home varsity tennis match of her high school career, with co captain Mimi Nieves.
Milia Saei spices up her last year with senior assisins
Mimi Akintunde-Nieves, Social Media Director • May 7, 2021

Milia Saei is a senior at DGS who has been very involved during her four years. Being a Varsity Girls Tennis captain, member of blue crew and the National Honor Society Saei has been able to juggle her many responsibilities and continue to have fun in her free time. With a drastic change to her senior year Saei joined the DGS Senior Assassins game in order to get back to some bit of normalcy. Q:...

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This documentary examines the love of Yeti products. It
What Yeti product should I buy today?
Olivia Bolognia, Freelance Writer • May 7, 2021

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10 popular Netflix shows that I refuse to watch
10 popular Netflix shows that I refuse to watch
Lexie Lukacik, Photo Editor • May 12, 2021

I rarely watch tv, but when I do I always find nothing to watch. I’m very picky with what I choose, but honestly I think I just prefer good shows. I'm not jumping on the bandwagon to see a series just because people talk about it, I want to discover a series I can tell people about and not have them say, “I already watched the first 10 seasons in one night.” Most series on Netflix are basic,...

Orson Welles is a well-known director and actor in old-Hollywood.
106 years of Orson Welles
Gwendolynne Royle, Opinions Editor • May 6, 2021

Orson Welles-- a critically acclaimed actor and director, whose performance in movies, such as “Citizen Kane”, have led him to be widely regarded as one of the greatest actors of all time. In honor of what would have been his 106th birthday, I will be watching five of his films: “Citizen Kane”, “The Stranger”, “The Lady from Shanghai”, “The Third Man” and “The Trial”. All...

"Promising Young Woman" is a revenge thriller film combined with every girl boss moment you could think of.
'Promising Young Woman' shares a wicked take on revenge
Anika brown, Entertainment Editor • May 5, 2021

As the 2021 Academy Award Show came to a close, hundreds of films were recognized for their brilliance, but one in particular stood out from the rest. While not an exceptionally new film, “Promising Young Woman” hit the Oscars with a whopping five nominations and won best screenplay. On Jan. 25, 2020, Director Emerald Fennell’s “Promising Young Woman,” hit theaters with a revengeful bang....

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With no indoor season, the boys
Track team looks to capitalize off shortened season
Greyson Martinescu, News Editor • May 12, 2021

While the track season typically begins in January for its indoor season, it instead began right after spring break with its outdoor season due to COVID-19 restrictions with indoor sporting events. Despite the season being cut nearly in half, it hasn’t deterred any runners, especially fourth-year sprinter senior Chris Pogorelec who describes the obstacles of this season. “The running environment...

Eli Reed is getting set in his blocks before the race begins.
Eli Reed prepares for upcoming promising track season
Drey McGrew, Print Sports Editor • May 10, 2021

Q: What is one thing you want to accomplish this track season? A: This season getting to state and placing high is at the top of my priority list. I’m even more ambitious about it since the opportunity was taken last year. Q: What have you been doing to prepare for this upcoming season? A: I’ve been working on my strength and conditioning and running at top speed with technique in the...

Robert Major is a successful high school wrestler with plans to wrestle at a D1 school next year.
Jimmy Riedel, Freelance Writer • May 10, 2021

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