• January 13Building open 7:30 a.m. - 4 p.m. on weekdays for item pickup and drop off
  • January 13First semester grades finalized in HAC
  • January 13Classes are remote the week of Jan. 11
The week of Jan. 5 marks the first week students have been in the building since Oct. 30.
Return to hybrid learning draws mixed reviews
Luc Alvarez, Editor-in-Chief • January 8, 2021

On January 5, DGS students and staff returned to in-person instruction as part of the new 2021 hybrid schedule. In-person class time has been significantly increased under this new schedule; hybrid students will go to each of their classes in-person once...

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New years resolutions are always a challenge to stay true to, but a pandemic brings a whole new array of hardships this year.
Going into the new year: Quarantine edition
Gwendolynne Royle, Opinions Editor • January 5, 2021


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Generation Z is connected through respect and resilience.
Generation Z: Sparking change through unity and knowledge
Enzo Rovito, Graphic Designer • December 18, 2020

There are 1.2 billion teenagers across the world. On a scale like that it’s hard not to feel so small in our chaotic world. But all 1.2 billion of those people are connected through one common factor, we are all the same generation, Generation Z. Being a part of the same generation results in a familiarity in how others act because of the awareness of what time period someone grew up in. Growing...

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The first thing you see when walking into a store in the month of December is holiday related items. This year there is hand sanitizer and social distancing requirements in front of holiday related items.
Holiday season through the lens of a pandemic
Teagan Smith, Features Editor • December 11, 2020

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Aesthetics come in all different shapes and sizes, we talk about just a couple.
Aesthetics 101
Kassem Ossman, Entertainment Editor • January 11, 2021

The mournful, yet beautiful drama, "Pieces of a Woman" is available now on Netflix.
‘Pieces of a Woman’ exceeds expectations
Anika Brown, Entertainment Editor • January 10, 2021

On Jan. 7, Netflix released the new empowering drama “Pieces of a Woman”, inspired by writer Kata Wéber and Director Kornél Mundruczó's tragic personal experiences, creating an eye-opening and heartbreaking story. “Pieces of a Woman” encapsulates the devastating journey of Martha (Vanessa Kirby) overcoming the grief that came along with the loss of her newborn baby during a home-birth,...

Multiple new sitcoms to watch are available now on Netflix, in replace of The Office.
The end of an era: The Office has left Netflix
Anika Brown, Entertainment Editor • January 6, 2021

As Michael Scott takes a final sip from his “World’s Best Boss” mug, the camera pans towards the rest of the crew: Jim, Pam, Dwight, Andy, Kevin and many more legends to name. I never would have thought this would come: The Office has left Netflix. Honestly, I never thought I would feel as heartbroken as I had when on Jan. 1, I searched The Office on Netflix and nothing came up; I swear I...

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Sophie Richert; goalie, playing the last fall/winter season with the Naperville Sabres.
Sophie Richert: The girl who plays ice hockey
Taylor Neal, Freelance Writer • January 12, 2021

While most high school sophomores are thinking about passing their next test or hanging out with friends, sophomore Sophie Richert is focused on her future with hockey. Richert is a goalie for the Naperville Sabres hockey team. She has been playing goalie most of her hockey career. Because of her passion and dedication to hockey, Richert has accomplished many goals of hers. Richert has a few...

Taylor Neal (writer) at DGS Snowball last fall in the photography workshop.
The Chicago Bears need to step up their game
Taylor Neal, Freelance Writer • January 4, 2021

Bears fans have had it rough the last few weeks. From a dwindling offense with no true starting quarterback to a defense riddled with injuries, Chicago fans have felt every emotion in the book this year. If you are a Chicago Bears fan, you are most likely disappointed with how the season turned out. With a team that started out 5-1 and became 6-7, it seems like a tragic and unreal situation. I think...

"The offseason will be a long one, but if the White Sox make the right moves and bring in the right players, it might make next season one of the best in the history of the franchise."
White Sox offseason plans
Dawson Wells, Freelance Writer • December 18, 2020

The 2020 MLB season was a wild one. The White Sox finally found success reaching the playoffs in 2008. Though the team lost in the wild card round to the Oakland Athletics, it was a great season. There are several moves that need to be made by the team to take the next step in winning a World Series. Now at the time of this article, there have already been two moves that have been made. The White...

What soda brand are you?
What soda brand are you?
Andrew Calek, Features editor • January 15, 2021
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