Superintendent Dr. Hank Thiele explains the DuPage County Department of Health
District 99 discusses concerns as students prepare to return to school
Annie Le, Head Copy Editor • October 6, 2020

The week of Oct. 19 will be the first week of hybrid learning for the students of District 99. The school board is setting a goal of this being the first of many weeks of in-person learning with a long term goal being discussed of expanding in-person...

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Everyone is battling their own mental health struggles alone. We have to make sure we find what makes us happy and keep a positive atmosphere for each other.
Mentally over COVID: The struggles of mental health during a pandemic
Mimi Akintunde-Nieves, Social Media Director • October 6, 2020

A teenage boy sits in his room for 201 days and counting, he feels as if he cannot even remember his life before the pandemic. Rotting away as his only social interactions occur through his phone and computer, he feels the impacts of severe loneliness. This same phenomenon is occurring throughout the country as a result of COVID-19 health. For high school students especially the impact is severe....

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Many teachers have decided to come back to DGS and teach classes from there to feel more like they are in a classroom.
Overcoming and adapting: Teachers go remote learning
Ariel Oh, Opinions Editor • October 1, 2020

Over the summer, District 99 and their teaching staff created and developed a teaching plan for students in a remote setting. Since the fallout of the first hybrid plan, teachers in all departments seem to struggle in different ways when navigating different ways of teaching while still abiding by COVID-19 regulations. One of the main ways teachers have had to adapt to being remote is becoming more...

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The week
Imagine homecoming dress-up days
Kassem Ossman, Entertainment Editor • October 1, 2020

Starting Sept. 28, the Imagine spirit week comes in full swing. With many prizes to win, all you need to do is snap a pic and drop it in the dropbox. Here are the days and some of the examples peers came up with to show off their spirit on zoom classes. We hope to see all of the fun ideas that everyone comes up with; don’t forget to drop all of your amazing photos into the link listed above.

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"These here are just a couple anime coming this fall"
Fall 2020 Anime: What you should watch
Drey McGrew, Print Sports Editor • October 11, 2020

The transition from summer to fall not only provides new seasonal weather, for anime watchers, but it also provides a new season of anime being introduced and/or returning. This autumn is packed with tons of exciting anime that fans all over the world have been anticipating since last year. The variety of anime coming this fall is so diverse, ranging from supernatural titles and magic to sports and...

This past year  has definitely made us more familiar with our TV
Top 8 TV shows over quarantine
Greyson Martinescu, News Editor • October 9, 2020

One of the few benefits of being trapped at home is the extremely large variety of TV entertainment that is provided through a number of streaming services. With dozens of well orchestrated shows being available, it is rather difficult to narrow down what's best, but these eight have kept fixed to my couch. 8. Game of Thrones Although most reading could dispute whether the endings of the past...

While some people may say this music isn
Women in rap: Empowering or extreme
Gwendolynne Royle, Opinions Editor • September 25, 2020

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"Golf isn’t known to be a contact sport, but that doesn’t mean there still shouldn’t be Covid-19 concerns."
Golf season stayed up to par amid virus
Michael Nelli, Online Sports Editor • October 16, 2020

Golf isn’t known to be a contact sport, but that doesn’t mean there still shouldn’t be Covid-19 concerns. Varsity golf coach Terry Tiesman and varsity golfer Brett Drzewiecki speak on what the season looked like with the virus. We as human beings are living in a new normal right now. Everything has been changed, sports included. Tiesman demonstrates how the season was changed by the virus. “An...

Hailey Welp competes during the swim meet hosted at DGS.
Diving into the girls swim season ft. Covid
Lexie Lukacik, Photo Editor • October 12, 2020

Despite COVID conditions the DGS Girl's swim team was able to host a meet on Oct 9th. Fortunately this has been one of the seasons that were able to still occur, despite other activities that COVID prevented this year. This season looks different to the team, but along with various swimmers returning new safety protocols have been issued. A majority of the protocols include: taking each individual’s...

DGS golfer Logan Cochrane gets his temperature taken before starting practice
Covid and fall sports: what testing and procedures look like for DGS student athletes
Andrew Calek, Features editor • October 1, 2020

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the six fall sports this season must abide by new guidelines and screening procedures. Answering questions and having your temperature taken may seem like a hassle, but as with everything else, we must adjust to these new and changing times. Unless you play or coach these sports yourself, you don’t know what the new rules are for the 2020 fall season. DGS athletic...

Hobbies over quarantine podcast
Hobbies over quarantine podcast
Drey McGrew, Print Sports Editor • October 14, 2020
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