Superindent Dr. Hank Thiele explains the district
District 99 adopting modified hybrid schedule effective Oct. 19
Luc Alvarez, Editor-in-Chief • September 22, 2020

Beginning the week of Oct. 19, District 99 will move to a modified hybrid schedule. Over a two-week span, each student will have one in-person class for each of their class periods with the rest of their class periods occurring remotely. Every third week...

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Instances of activism captured at the Black Lives Matter protest in Chicago on May 30.
Black voices for Black Lives Matter: DGS students speak out on racial inequality
Jacqueline Barba and Alex Miranda June 4, 2020

“When I was in the fifth grade, I cried to my mom because I hated my skin. She took a mirror and made me look at myself and told me why I was beautiful… growing up in a world where you are constantly oppressed makes you view yourself differently, as if you don’t matter,” said incoming senior Aamari Taylor. After a Black man named George Floyd was murdered at the hands of four Minneapolis...

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In addition to submitting a form released by Dr. Thiele, students also needed to confirm their attendance with each of their teachers.
On the other side of the Zoom screen: Teachers learn e-Learning
Paul Szmanda, Online Co-Editor-in-Chief • May 15, 2020

From independent note-taking to Zoom meetings, the Coronavirus forced students to adopt a whole new way of learning. On the other end of this experience are the teachers who had to modify their thought-out lesson plans to not only fit the restrictions of e-Learning but also to keep students motivated to complete their work. Social studies teacher Laura Rodey summed up the reality of the situation....

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Caleb Radcliffe is just one graduating senior whose year was quickly cut short by COVID-19
Long form: a look at the graduating class of 2020
Vincent Llanes, Copy Editor • May 15, 2020

May of 2020 was expected to be an incredible and memorable time for the graduating class of 2020 all throughout the world. For the class of 2020, however, these dreams were quickly cut short by COVID-19; the pandemic quickly spread throughout the world and forced in-home learning for virtually all students -- effectively ending events like prom, graduation and celebrations for many seniors. Although...

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Troye Sivan does not disappoint with his most recent EP release "In a Dream."
Troye Sivan's EP 'In a Dream' leaves the listeners wanting more
Lauren Wilmore, News Editor • September 21, 2020

From his first release album in 2015, Troye Sivan has never released a bad song and his newest EP release proves it. With only six tracks, Sivan manages to create a vibey 80’s beat that puts all of his listeners in a dream-like trance. First track to appear on the EP “Take yourself home” is masked as a song about lost love, but is actually Sivan questioning living in LA versus his true home...

"Be an Astronaut" and blast off into outer space while listening to Declan McKenna
Declan McKenna's second album, 'Zeros,' is out of this world
Anika Brown, Entertainment Editor • September 16, 2020

On Sept. 4, Declan McKenna, Britain’s rising indie rocker, released his sophomore album, titled “Zeros,” instantly gaining radio recognition all over the world. While listening to “Zeros,” the modern-electric rock album withdraws you from reality and captivates you in a parallel universe. The 21-year-old’s second studio album is a step away from his first album “What Do You Think About...

"Red, White and Royal Blue" is the perfect read for politics junkies with a love for well-written romance novels.
Casey McQuiston's 'Red, White and Royal Blue' is the romance read you've been searching for
Jacqueline Barba, Editor-In-Chief • September 16, 2020

All other modern romance novelists bow down, Casey McQuiston’s “Red, White and Royal Blue” has come to sweep us all off our feet. With POC characters, LGBTQ+ representation and a picture of what American politics could be, this novel effortlessly achieves a modernity that feels natural. Lighthearted and funny, full of depth and endearing characters, McQuiston has achieved the creation of a romance...

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"In times like these, athletes are still in question of what is next to come".
Spring ahead fall behind; Fall sports moved to spring season
Willow Patton, Copy Editor • September 23, 2020

Due to Covid-19, the guidelines in Illinois states that high-risk fall sports must be moved to the spring season. The sports that are considered at higher risk are those that have players coming in closer contact with each other: football, girls volleyball and boys soccer. Not having Friday night football games has disappointed many DGS fans and players. Fans are missing out on team chants and spirit...

“It’ll be back to normal one day. I don
Friday Night Lights Out
Michael Nelli, Online Sports Editor • September 18, 2020

With fall usually comes students decked out head to toe with spirit wear ready to cheer on their football team. Football games bring the whole school together, but this year the bleachers will be a graveyard with no students in attendance. Students and administration are now trying to figure out what a football season without fans will look like. The pandemic has changed many things for students...

As of Nov. 12, Tatum Mitchell is committed to division I Baylor University.
Baylor bound: Equestrian Tatum Mitchell commits to division I university
Sarah Barber, Online Co-Editor-in-Chief • March 25, 2020

The horse begins at a trot, approaching the first jump before clearing it with ease, as senior rider Tatum Mitchell is confidently in control -- making it clear to the judges and spectators why she is one of four class of 2020 students in the country committed to Baylor University as a division I equestrian. “I'm more excited than nervous about riding on Baylor's team. It is a lot of pressure,...

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