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This is my challenge for everyone. Try just a week with no procrastination. Feel the satisfaction of getting done what needs to get done.

Procrastination can be prevented

Dominic Marcantelli, Freelance Writer December 5, 2023

You may have heard the saying, “The greatest amount of wasted time is the time getting started.” We all procrastinate. But we shouldn’t and here’s why: According to Solving Procrastination,...

Everyday that those with power and agency do not attempt to address this issue is an active acceptance that this is normal. The simple truth is this-children fearing for their lives in school is not normal.

Students are too apathetic about school violence

Andrew Staser, Freelance Writer November 30, 2023

“Qui tacet consentire videtur,” an old Latin phrase, means roughly that those who are silent show consent. The proverb illustrates that someone needs to speak out against what they see as unacceptable...

I show my pride for both DGS and Hinsdale South with spirit wear from each school.

Torn between two worlds: Hornets or Mustangs?

Juliana Conyer, Managing Editor November 14, 2023

South strong or south pride? Go blue or go gold? Hornets or Mustangs? This is the internal conflict that I experience daily due to attending DGS but having parents who work at Hinsdale South High School. I...

Even in my darkest hours I still have my trusty No.2

No.2 pencils deserve better sharpeners

Anthony Addante, Opinions Editor November 1, 2023

There is an immense joy that is matched by no other: using a sharp pencil. Touching that beautifully sharp tip to the untouched paper as the lead shows up so awesomely bold is euphoric. Then, the unthinkable:...

The only Halloween activity that teens have time to participate in is dressing up for school.

Halloween move is key for holiday to be great

Juliana Conyer, Managing Editor October 31, 2023

I know it’s October when the air has a subtle crispness, the shorter days are extended by jack-o-lantern light, I can smell pumpkin seeds roasting in the oven and “Hocus Pocus” is playing on repeat...

I stand with zero shame in the middle of my junior high school common area dressed as a bee in a tutu, my costume for our performance.

‘Bee’ yourself: Flipping the script on fear

Sebastian Blanco, Features Editor October 26, 2023

Sometimes the Hollywood stereotypes are true and high school really is a popularity contest. It almost seems like everything you do needs to be precisely calculated in order to appease your peers and the...

These signs only serve to take up wall space.

New phone policy isn’t apocalyptic

Anthony Addante, Opinions Editor October 23, 2023

The phone policy has caused quite the stir and it is a break from the status quo of just hoping that students won’t use them. Perhaps this opinion will be in the minority, but this policy seems to be...

These chairs cause me immense rage that can be matched by no other issue.

DGS has absolutely horrendous chairs

Anthony Addante, Opinions Editor September 19, 2023

There’s one prevalent issue at DGS that exceeds all others. Every student is affected by it. It's not access. It's the garbage chairs. At least, those classical ones that probably haven’t been...

Track often participates in events which take up a significant part of the day

Gym shouldn’t be required for athletes

Anthony Addante, Copy Editor February 14, 2023

Athletes are facing a silent, unspoken issue that seems to get glossed over. Simply enough, athletes don’t have much time to do work once they get home, and it’s significantly harming the mental health...

All types of unwavering and unconditional love deserves to be celebrated on Valentine’s Day.

Cupid’s range needs broadening

Lauren Miranda, Features Editor February 13, 2023

Valentine’s Day classroom parties were always my favorite day of elementary school. The highly anticipated afternoon was spent exchanging candy hearts, fun dip and cards plastered with emojis, the best...

Access and its facets have dubious benefits

Access: A lesson in bad execution

Anthony Addante, Copy Editor November 28, 2022

Earlier this year, the school board voted to pass the hybrid block schedule. This included a new part of the day: access on the block days. With months of evaluation, access has not proven its existence...

 Girls lacrosse is just as hard as mens lacrosse, and us girls are just as strong as that 6’1 man.

The polarizing differences of women and men’s lacrosse

Caitlin Spindler, Freelance Writer November 18, 2022

All of a sudden a whistle blares across the field as I am defending the girl with the ball. “Shooting space. Center hash, number 16, four behind,” yells the ref. Shooting space: when a defender...

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