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Students struggle to find places to park due to the overcrowding in the senior parking lot.
Senior parking lot full as students return to in-person learning
Lauren Wilmore, News Editor • April 12, 2021

The hunt for parking spots is on as more students return to in-person learning, leaving the senior parking lot full due to the approval of 250...

Governor Pritzker at the press briefing along with his ASL interpreter.
Vaccine eligibility expands to everyone 16 and up
Gwendolynne Royle, Opinions Editor • March 22, 2021

The District 99 school board presents the new schedule with a resounding  3:11 like to dislike ratio.
District 99 opens the door to all students
Gwendolynne Royle, Opinions Editor • March 17, 2021

Starting on April 6 students will be following an early dismissal schedule.
District 99 returning to in-person learning April 6
Lauren Wilmore and Mimi Akintunde-Nieves March 17, 2021

District 99 is taking a step towards “normal” school by implementing a new schedule that aims to get as many students at school while still...

The task force consists of students, staff, parents and teachers.
District 99 creates task force for full in-person learning
Lauren Wilmore, News Editor • March 12, 2021

With the release of vaccines and the COVID-19 positivity rate staying under 10%, District 99 has put together a task force to determine what...

There have been multiple false alarms fire evacuations caused by  construction related incidences.
False alarm: Fire alarm accidentally set off
Teagan Smith, Features Editor • March 9, 2021

On Mar. 3 during fourth period the halls and classrooms of Downers Grove South rang with the sound of Principal Edward Schwartz, alerting everyone...

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