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Weekly Preview Sept. 17- Sept. 21
DGS is “hopeful” to have new BluePoint system active by end of month
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Freshman Friday: Alyssa Brown

Natalie Casas, Online Entertainment Editor
September 21, 2018

Q: How do you like the school year so far? A: It’s great… I like it better than middle school. [I enjoy] going to events [and] being involved in activities. Q: What are you involved in this year? A: Cheer and I’m going to join Key Club. Q: Are you excited for homecoming? A: Yes, I’m very excited, [because] I’m going with a big group of friends and it’s going to be a lot...

Rogers’s journey to DGS

Justin Yang, Freelance Writer
September 18, 2018

Having to leave her life behind in Oak Park, sophomore Amiya Rogers moved to Downers Grove a little over a year ago before the start of her freshman year at DGS. Rogers’s journey to DGS has made a positive impact on her life. Though it wasn’t easy at first, conflict aroused between Rogers and her mother. “[When moving] I was really mad about it. My mother said we were going to move. Then...

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Running all the way to state and beyond

Ashley Boak, Freelance Writer
September 19, 2018

While some runners may be discouraged by their coach saying, “No one remembers second place,” senior cross country runner Melissa Weidner uses it to push herself even harder to achieve her goals. Weidner has been a cross country runner for all four of her years at DGS and is currently the captain of her team. She has been on the regional, sectional and state team for the past three years and...

Tommy Staruck: a star in the making

Becca Pritchett, Head Copy Editor
September 13, 2018

Most sophomore boys can be found on basketball courts, football fields and baseball diamonds, but not DGS sophomore Tommy Staruck. Although Staruck used to be found at those places, he can now be found on the green of the golf course hitting balls left and right with the varsity boys golf team. This is Staruck’s second season on varsity -- his first being last year when Staruck was a freshman. As...

Kaitlyn Hopp: A hop, skip and a jump away from the pool

Matthew Hollendonner, Business Manager
May 16, 2018

DGS senior and swimmer Kaitlyn Hopp has committed to Anderson College’s swim team, the Ravens. Hopp’s swimming career started early on and it didn't take long for her to compete at the next level. “I started swimming when I was six and I have been competitively swimming for around twelve years,” Hopp said. Hopp has been working towards her dream to become a collegiate athlete to compete...

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“Dad” clothes take DGS by storm: don’t be an idiot when partaking

Jacob Casella, Social Media Director
September 21, 2018

For my 16th birthday my grandmother gave me 15 sweaters -- from my dead grandpa’s closet. Morbid? Sort of. But those over-sized sweaters from the 1980’s are so in right now. A new trend that has popped up and can be seen around the halls of DGS is dad clothes. What are dad clothes you may ask? Well, they are just what they are named for: articles of clothing that look like (or do) come from...

Throwback Thursday: Jordan Copeland

Alex Miranda, Copy Editor
September 20, 2018

“I used to be really energetic when I was young, but then I got really scared when it came to public speaking as I grew older. But since I’ve come to DGS, I’ve seen the younger me slowly come back and that’s all thanks to theatre and the dance team. I really love performing now and I’m proud of the person I’ve become,” sophomore Jordan Copeland said.

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February 12, 2018

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Dancing with the teachers
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