Staff editorial: More formal, more effective


Alex Miranda

The email titled “News FYI” sent out by District 99 on Feb. 6.

FYI — a popular form of text slang, this acronym of “for your information” is commonly used during casual conversation. The informal term was also unfittingly used by District 99 in an email titled “News FYI” on Feb. 6, two full days after DGS staff had been notified of what was initially perceived to be a school shooting threat via anonymous alerts.

Not only was this email presented as an FYI, but it also greeted the DGS community with the nonchalant introduction of “Hi.”

These informalities are inappropriate in the context of the email, for they do not match the serious description of the incident being reported. Thus, using this lingo is problematic because it makes the content seem less significant and therefore less prominent.

District 99 has sent four emails this semester in response to incidents of inappropriate conduct. These incidents included weapon-related confrontations, vulgarity combined with racist language, or both.

Seems pretty serious to us.

In addition to the informalities, we believe these emails do not present an effective path of action by the district. The occasional phrase threatening disciplinary consequences is not enough of a deterrent to avoid the possibility of future misdemeanors. This has been proven, as there have been numerous acts of misconduct this semester of similar nature.

If the district’s response to these acts of misconduct were more effective, it is likely the rate of future misconduct would decrease.

While DGS does communicate that these incidents are unacceptable, our community would be better served if the emails were more professional and thorough from the initial greeting to the follow-up initiatives. The district should work to improve the formality of their emails, as well as communicate the changes they are aiming to implement to prevent similar future incidents.  

Just an FYI.