Medina perseveres through COVID-19 restrictions by inspiring PE classes


Aamari Taylor

PE teacher Medina instructs students during class while following COVID-19 regulations.

Arguably the area of curriculum most impacted by COVID-19 restrictions is the area in which physicality is prioritized: physical education. PE teacher Pablo Medina communicates his routes of perseverance during this time as both an educator and adult leader interacting with students. He finds his most prominent motivation through working on himself to inspire his family and students.

Q: What has been the biggest COVID-related struggle for you this semester?
A: In Jan. through March, it was how few students were in-person. Trying to balance those students with the remote students. Now, it’s how there are so many students in-person and trying to keep them six feet apart.

Q: What does a typical PE period look like this semester?
A: I welcome the Zoom students first, get them dismissed as soon as possible or have them start their live workouts. Then I focus on the in-person students, getting them moving and active.

Q: How well do you feel the DGS athletic administration is adapting to COVID restrictions?
A: I am not aware about what athletics is doing as I don’t coach anything here. However, my interactions with administration have always been positive and precautionary to ensure safety of staff and students.

Q: How well do you feel students have responded to in-person COVID regulations in PE since returning from spring break?
A: The students are handling COVID regulations well. I spent this past week explaining to my classes on how to avoid having to quarantine. Staying six feet apart to help minimize the need for contact tracing is one of the most important factors.

Q: What motivates you to persevere during this time?
A: Personally, from the beginning of this pandemic I chose to be the best me. I am in the best shape that I have been in many years because I chose to lose weight (93 pounds so far). I want to be around for my family and friends and my students. Being fully immunized helped me to feel more comfortable to accept all of the in-person students after Spring break.