Top 10 reasons why you should attend the winter dance


    Alex Miranda

    Last year’s winter dance

    The winter dance is soon approaching, and tickets go on sale starting Feb. 11. If you’re still undecided on whether or not you want to attend, here are the top 10 reasons why you should spend the night of Feb. 23 at the winter dance.

    1. Led by students, for students

    Student council has once again put time and effort into ensuring the winter dance will be an experience to remember. Come support your peers and show them that their hard work has paid off.

    1. Less crowded than homecoming

    A popular complaint among homecoming attendees is that the gym is too populated. Fortunately, the winter dance tends to be less crowded than its fall counterpart, so there’s a lot more space to teach your friends how to dougie. Or just, you know, stand without the constant fear of getting trampled.

    1. Theme night

    The theme for this year’s winter dance is “enchanted forest,” which is interesting to say the least. But hey, it’s original. Come to the winter dance to see if this year’s theme lives up to its “magical” title.

    1. Make memories

    This sounds extremely cheesy, but this is a school dance we are talking about. They don’t last forever. Attend the winter dance while you still can, because you’ll eventually regret it if you don’t.

    1. Show your school pride

    Attending the winter dance seems like a great way to close out an eventful spirit week, just saying.

    1. This might be the final winter dance

    It has been heavily rumored that if attendance continues to decrease this year, the winter dance may never return to DGS again. Don’t ruin the fun, buy a ticket to ensure that this tradition can continue for years to come.

    1. If you decide to go now, you’ll save money

    A ticket to the dance is $20 if purchased by Feb. 15. This price is significantly less than the same-day admission price of $30. Don’t hesitate.

    1. Fun night out with friends

    You were probably planning on hanging out with your friends this weekend anyway, so why not take them to the winter dance?

    1. Student council promising “surprises”

    Last year’s big surprise was an ice skating rink in the small gym, so who knows what student council has planned this year. Be in attendance to be the first to find out.

    1. What else would you be doing on a Saturday night?

    In your room watching Netflix and wishing you were invited to a party, probably. Well, consider this your not-so-formal invitation.