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Jacqueline Sumida
Jacqueline Sumida is a senior and is the Print Entertainment Editor for the Blueprint. This her second year on the staff and in the entertainment section. DGS, Sumida is a member of a cappella Choir, Madrigal Singers and Thespians. 

Outside of school Sumida works part-time at Goodwill as a sales floor associate as well as doing homework, playing her guitar and listening to music. Her favorite genres include alternative rock and K-pop. Some of her favorite groups include Catfish and The Bottlemen, Twice, Rocket Punch, Monsta X, HAIM and Florence + The Machine.

In the near future, Sumida would like to pursue a major in journalism and a minor in music or choral music at a four-year university. She is open to new experiences and is very much excited about what the future holds.

Jacqueline Sumida, Print Entertainment Editor

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Jacqueline Sumida