Horoscopes 9/19


Jacqueline Sumida

An award for homecoming weekend

Virgo- You’re that one friend who planned out the entire pre-homecoming party. While usually you’re uptight and watching to make sure the chip bowl doesn’t get to too empty, let loose a little bit and find your groove at the actual dance.

Libra- Don’t freak out about not having the perfect date, the perfect dinner or that your killer dance moves might frighten everyone around you. Whoever you end up going with, you’ll know that the both of you will absolutely dominate the dance floor.

Scorpio- If one thing goes wrong, whether it be a bad photo, your hair not staying in one place or you can’t find gluten free pizza, the night will not be ruined. That bad photo might be the most memorable part of the evening.

Sagittarius- You might feel as though the stigma around homecoming isn’t exactly your vibe, take a chance on the football game and dance this year. Meet up with some friends and have a little bit of school pride.

Capricorn- After dreaming about the most amazing dress, you knew you had to shine at homecoming this year. Now is your chance to be the fairest of them all. All your hard work and determination to look amazing is finally going to pay off big time.

Aquarius- You had a vision for how everything would turn out this year, time to kick back and see if everything falls into place. Remember to just have a good time no matter what happens.

Pisces- With your dreamy personality, you’ve been living in the state of how the night will eventually play out. All your dreams will come true Saturday with whoever you go with, don’t get stuck on that one detail that you might have missed.

Aries- As the leader of your friend group, it’s usually your job to make sure everything works out. This year, be that leader. Instead, lead your friends to the dance floor and show them an example of how to have a good time.

Taurus- It may sound selfish that you love the material things in life. Treat yourself to some nice jewelry, an expensive tie or a truly divine dinner before your homecoming excursion.

Gemini- Even though you love the group of friends you’re going to homecoming with, your relationship-loving personality wants you to make some more friends. This year, find a random person in the small gym and strike up a conversation.

Cancer- You may feel as though a night at home is better than a school dance, you’ll feel right at home under the gym lights. Don’t be afraid of getting a last minute outfit and ticket to go out and have some fun.

Leo- With your glamorous and magnetic personality, the spotlight is on you this homecoming. Take the attention, be bold and make everyone remember you.