New spirit days for 2019 homecoming week


Jacqueline Sumida

The list of this year’s spirit days, ranging from Monday to Friday.

Jacqueline Sumida, Print Entertainment Editor

For this year’s homecoming week, DGS has changed the spirit days from year’s prior. Monday through Thursday has been changed to fit this year’s superhero theme, but Friday will still remain a DGS spirit wear day. 

Monday will be denim day. This includes jeans, jean jackets or other denim-related attire. Tuesday will be cozy day, described as students wearing “their comfiest attire” to school that Tuesday.

Wednesday will be black-out day. Students are encouraged to wear all black clothing to “represent villainous characters” that day. Thursday will be superhero day and superhero gear, costumes and shirts are some of the recommended items.

Friday, as usual, will be a blue on blue spirit day. Instead of class colors, students can wear spirit wear if they choose to do so, a different change from last year’s class color day. 

Some students, such as seniors Amber Kass and Katarina Stanley, are vocal about their opinions on the new themes. Kass speaks on how the spirit days have become more accessible to her. 

“Personally, I’m actually really excited because I don’t have a bunch of jerseys and stuff for jersey day and I don’t have a twin for twin day, it doesn’t read if you aren’t together the entire day. I’m really excited for denim day, I have a whole outfit planned for denim day,” Kass said.

Stanley voices a similar statement in her thoughts on the new spirit days.

“All of the ideas are much more refreshing than the ones that we’ve been using in the past and they fit our culture a little bit better as a school,” Stanley said.