DGS marching band to not attend the crosstown football game

The entrance to the DGS band room.

Jacqueline Sumida

The entrance to the DGS band room.

The Marching Mustangs will not be attending this year’s crosstown classic against DGN. In past years, both marching bands have played together, splitting the halftime performance and playing the national anthem together. This year; however, the only DGN marching band will perform.

Both DGN and DGS know about the change for this year’s game, leaving many feeling a lot of emotions. DGN battery member Elizabeth Ferrigan feels all these as well.

We all know that south is not going to the crosstown classic, It’s definitely a bummer for all of us,” Ferrigan says.

Others feel a little bit opposite about the change, such as senior euphonium section leader, Samantha Guagliardo.

“The crosstown game is honestly not one of my biggest issues and yeah I had a lot of fun and it’s disappointing to hear it’s not happening, but at the same time, I’m definitely having other parts of this year that are definitely still impactful and go out my senior year, my fourth year of marching.” Guagliardo said.

Although there is speculation around the reason for the switch, principal Ed Schwartz gave reasoning for the change.

“The reason is that Music Bowl is the next day. It’s all day from six to ten, eleven at night. We didn’t want to put the kids through that after a game night.” Schwartz said.

One of the marching band’s directors, Greg Hensel, confirmed that the Mustangs will not attend the crosstown game this year. The band will be in action Saturday at the annual Music Bowl marching band competition. In the end, band members are still finding ways to be productive Friday night.

“Probably finding time to clean up my house and do all the chores my parents have been asking me to do for the past entire length of the season.” Guagliardo said.