Debuts dominate the best albums of 2019 so far


Jacqueline Sumida

BTS on their international tour promoting their recent 2019 album release “Map of Soul: Persona” in Chicago.

Jacqueline Sumida, Online Entertainment Editor

Five months into 2019 and the music industry has pumped out a plethora of good albums. From Bring Me The Horizon’s return to the mainstream, to several highly anticipated debut albums and everything in between. Here are some of the best albums of 2019 so far.


  1. “On The Line”- Jenny Lewis

In her triumphant return following 2014’s “The Voyager,” Jenny Lewis seemed to come back to her roots. “On The Line” sounds more like her earlier work with Rilo Kiley which I’m really into. Lewis is rockier and less smooth, branching off in a completely different direction.

Stand Out Track- “Red Bull & Hennessy”

  1. “Jade Bird”- Jade Bird

This striking British break-out star hit the scene hard with her self-titled debut. The album itself is unapologetic with hard strums of acoustic guitar give the album a folk edge to a rough and tumble LP. Bird is one of 2019’s rising stars, keep an eye on her over the next couple years.

Stand Out Track- “Going Gone”

  1. “Titanic Rising”- Weyes Blood

Lana Del Rey loves this album and I think that’s one reason you should enjoy it. From shimmering guitars to an incredible string presence throughout, the fourth studio album from Weyes Blood brings calmer energy to 2019. She’s one of the most underrated artists with the most diverse and special album.

Stand Out Track- “Something to Believe”

  1. “Map of Soul: Persona”- BTS

Korean mega-stars BTS came out with a bang, collaborating with Halsey and breaking records with “Map of Soul: Persona.” This album has a feeling that’s more out there with the intro track “Persona” while also staying close to their roots on “Mikrokosmos.” Expect this album to be on heavy rotation as BTS’s star grows more and more.

Stand Out Track- “Mikrokosmos”

  1. “Cuz I Love You”- Lizzo

Lizzo came out swinging with an incredible debut album filled with fire lyrics and pulsing backing tracks. Even the slower tracks run as smooth as butter, melting away as Lizzo croons in her impressive range. This is one of the best rap albums I’ve heard in years.

Stand Out Track- “Jerome”

  1. “Sucker Punch”- Sigrid

Sigrid is the European pop star I’ve been waiting for. “Sucker Punch” is an upbeat joyride filled with sharp strings, easy drum beats and electronic flair that warms my entire heart. There’s definitely a reason it’s been at the top of the U.K. charts for months since it’s release.

Stand Out Track- “Business Dinners”

  1. “Father of the Bride”- Vampire Weekend

Vampire Weekend’s fourth album throws everything you knew about the New York band out the window in favor of a more indie direction. Most tracks are acoustically driven with rhythmic and inventive drumming styles and singable basslines. Ezra Koenig and company show that there is still new ground to be covered for the 2014 Grammy award-winning group.

Stand Out Track- “Married In A Gold Rush” ft Danielle Haim

  1. “The Balance”- Catfish and The Bottlemen

The third release from the U.K. alternative band takes more of what you love in their sound and puts it on overdrive. Stand out singles “2All” and “Longshot” show a more rock edge with killer guitar solos that make it an all around amazing album. 

Stand Out Track- “Encore”

  1. “Heard It In A Past Life”- Maggie Rogers

Despite the attention, she’s garnered from being in a video with Pharrell or being besties with Camila Mendes of “Riverdale,” Maggie Rogers really gets music. The album itself is punctuated by old piano, glittering guitars and Rogers astoundingly raw vocal talent. Rogers will be at Lollapalooza this summer, showing everyone what a great debut looks like live.

Stand Out Track– “The Knife”

  1. “When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?”- Billie Eilish

If an album starts with a 14-second sound bite talking about Invisalign– it’s amazing. This debut album from the 17-year-old anti-pop megastar is downright creepy and that’s what makes it great. From the pounding bass to sound clips from “Threat Level Midnight,” Eilish made an album that spoke to a generation about their issues and it worked.

Stand Out Track- “My Strange Addiction”


    1. “Good At Falling”- The Japanese House

The debut album from Amber Bain, more commonly known as The Japanese House, is alternative rock perfection. Other than the storybook elements that connect the tracks easily, the fluent electronic influence throughout turns sad subject matter into easy listening jams. Bain’s vocals provide haunting sounds that add to what could become the best album of 2019 at the year’s end.

Stand Out Track- “Wild”