A sweet treat of horoscopes for a snowy Wednesday


Jacqueline Sumida

For one of these lucky signs, Almond Joy could end up being the joy of their night.

With Halloween just one day away, everyone’s inner dilemma goes from what costume to wear to what candy to take. Luckily the stars have already determined which candy you’ll love to munch on this All-Hallow’s Eve.

Scorpio- Snickers

On the outside, Snickers seem like a typical candy bar. Open it up and you get the chocolatey sweetness inside, the same kind that floods the hearts of Scorpios. 

Sagittarius- Hershey’s Chocolate Bars

Just like Hersheys, you lead the pack and set the tone for the rest. You aren’t afraid to be different and switch up your flavors. From cookies n’ cream to a collaboration with Reeses, whatever you end up touching is Hershey’s gold.

Capricorn- Swedish Fish

Us Capricorns are sometimes scared by choice so it seems the original flavor of these red gummies suits us the best. Everyone appreciates our stubbornness not to change our original flavor, and how we stick to what we do best.

Aquarius- Jolly Ranchers

They’re not quite a completely hard candy, but they definitely aren’t gummies. Like Aquarius, Jolly Ranchers defy labelling and present themselves fully to everyone they meet. 

Pisces- Any kind of gummy food

Like Pisces, every gummy candy you get has its own artistic and unique taste. Pisces range from pizzas to Krabby Patties to giant sushi, each delicious in their own way.

Aries- Lemonheads

Most candies are obviously sweet, but Lemonheads don’t follow that agenda. Aries and Lemonheads are different than the rest of the competition with their original sour flavor, but are still adored at the same time.

Taurus- Kit Kats

Kit Kats are the most Taurus candy– reliable. Kit Kats won’t let you down with new recipes or different changes in flavor, they’ll always be strong and by your side.

Gemini- Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups

Both Geminis and Reeses are change based on the situation. While Geminis can switch in and out of conversations easily, Reeses easily change their appearance from pumpkins to Easter eggs depending on what matches the mood.

Cancer- Almond Joy

At first glance, they both seem to be outlandish and different. After a taste of their personality, you’ll learn to love their coconut-almond personality which is different from the rest and is easy to adjust to.

Leo- Three Musketeers

In a world filled with hundreds of chocolate pieces, Three Musketeers works hard to make a name for itself. Even with its hard exterior, the softness inside will be easy to love. 

Virgo- Gummy Lifesavers

Gentle and sweet in nature, the gummy Lifesaver and a Virgo make a perfect pair. It’s always a pleasure to have them around and their sweet attitude makes up for it as well.

Libra- Twix

Harmonious as ever, the tasty blend of chocolate and caramel makes Twix intertwined with Libras. It’s the best combination out there and a classic one for sure.