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The student news site of Downers Grove South High School


The student news site of Downers Grove South High School


Musgraves refreshes, blooms with ‘Deeper Well’

Juliana Conyer
Musgraves broadens the horizons of country music with her newest studio album, “Deeper Well.”

Kacey Musgraves welcomed in spring with her new country album “Deeper Well,” released on March 15, 2024. The album consists of slow-paced, introspective songs that surround themes of community and creating one’s own happiness. Musgraves produced delicate compositions that combine country, folk and pop influences to form a unique sound.

The standout song on “Deeper Well” was “The Architect,” which has a soft fairytale-like tone that brings up questions about creation. The title “Architect” is meant to symbolize God, and Musgraves ponders through her lyrics why everything happens as it does, and wonders if there is even a higher power at all.

“I don’t understand, are there blueprints or plans? / Can I speak to the architect?”

“The Architect” addresses these philosophical concepts with a cheerful melody. A male background vocalist adds dimension to the song, and Musgraves adopts an innocent persona with her singing to convey the intended story.

“Nothing to Be Scared Of” was also a sophisticated and crucial addition to the album. The song has a distinct country and folk sound, with a light tone and inspirational message. Musgraves effectively utilizes dynamics to make the volume of the song appropriate.

This track has masterful lyrics and imagery, which convey a common theme–every individual has someone they can go to for help, no matter what. This endearing lesson makes the song impactful and heartwarming.

“Come to me, and drop your bags / And I’ll help you unpack them.”

“Deeper Well” impresses as a combination of songs that show off Musgraves’s musical talent.

With a whimsical melody that allows Musgraves’s voice to soar, “Sway” was another song that took “Deeper Well” to another level. The track begins with quiet, wandering music, and the verses are layered with a sound that imitates a horse galloping.

“Sway” is about learning to let go and be adaptable in life. Musgraves explained that living isn’t black and white, and the best times often happen while in the gray.

“If I surrender, if I let go, will you hold me?”

The song ends with an impressive acapella section, highlighting the depths of Musgraves’s musical talent. This conclusion also allows “Sway” to stand out from the rest of the tracks.

“Giver / Taker” also contributed to the overall magic of “Deeper Well.” The beat of this song is stronger than other tracks, giving “Giver / Taker” a passionate sound both musically and vocally.

This is the deepest love song on the album. Musgraves illustrated her belief that when two people are truly in love, they should give everything they have to each other. This represents a real commitment and gives hope for a future in the relationship.

“‘Cause I would give you everything that you wanted / But I would never ask for any of it back.”

Finally, the song has an interesting bridge that provided needed variation. Musgraves used “Giver / Taker” to showcase her singing range and vocal capabilities.

While “Deeper Well” was a success, many of the songs sounded very similar. Each track was slow and quiet, which caused listeners to be waiting for a climax that never came.

But the intentional lyricism, moving message and ethereal sound of the album make up for this fact. “Deeper Well” could not have been released at a better time, as it captures the essence of spring in 14 songs. When listening, one must be prepared for a simple, gentle album to appreciate each song.

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