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The student news site of Downers Grove South High School


The student news site of Downers Grove South High School


Top 10 cheap and easy restaurants in the area

Grace Rerucha
Panera on 75th street is always full of high school students looking for a meal or treat.

In Downers Grove, high school students are constantly looking for something to do. Most of the time this “something” ends up as getting food with friends. And as a high school student, sometimes money for food every weekend isn’t realistic.

There are plenty of options for food in the area and sometimes it can be hard to decide on just one. The options for food around here are truly endless. To make it easier, here are my top 10 cheap and quick restaurants in the area.

#10: Doggie Diner
The hotdog place from many people’s childhood. The greasy goodness of the french fries add to the small diner feel of this restaurant. The comforting taste of a Chicago-style hotdog puts this place on the top 10 for fast food chain restaurants.

#9: Noodles and Company
Introducing a different variety of food to the local places, Noodles and Company offers many pasta options at a low cost. The varying sizes of meals and the Coca-cola Freestyle machine inside makes it a notable food place.

#8: Potbelly
Potbelly is the one of two great sandwich places on this list. The endless customization on sandwiches allows for everyone to get what they want. The toasty bread is an iconic Potbelly reminder when you order a sub.

#7: McDonald’s
You knew that this chain was going to be on this list. It may not be the best quality food, but if you are craving a late night snack, McDonald’s is the place to go. The cheap prices for a well made french fry makes it worth the trip.

#6: Jimmy John’s
The superb sandwich place for people to go if they are craving a well-crafted sub sandwich. The menu has countless options that are customizable, iconic and enjoyable. Teenagers can often overlook sandwich places, however Jimmy John’s shouldn’t be.

#5: Chick Fil-A
This one is a bit controversial, but no one can argue with the classic Chick Fil-A sauce. The nuggets paired with a fresh lemonade allows for the ultimate meal package. If you are looking for the best chicken nugget option, head to the local Chick Fil-A.

#4: Culver’s
Butterburger, fries and ice cream all in one order? Yes please, Culver’s is a super cheap place to eat while still offering delicious food. The cheese curds are unmatched with the rich flavor that pairs with the ranch.

#3: Lemon Tree
An underdog in the restaurant list, but definitely one of the best. Lemon Tree offers some of the best Italian beef as well as fresh salads to pair with it. Lemon Tree is a restaurant that I would recommend to anyone looking for a huge, well-made menu.

#2: Portillo’s
As a Chicago staple, Portillo’s makes the top two restaurants. The classic Chicago-style hotdogs, Italian beef, cheese fries and salads make it an iconic stop for teenagers and anyone looking for diner-style food. Don’t forget the well-known chocolate cake that has to be a highlight of the restaurant.

#1: Panera
The best food place in the area is 100% Panera. It has a strong presence in the Downers area, constantly bustling with people. With a wide variety of options from bakery to soups, Panera has something for everyone to enjoy; especially the Sip Club membership that allows access to quick, free drinks for only $10 a month.

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