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The student news site of Downers Grove South High School


The student news site of Downers Grove South High School


How to win senior assassins: top 10 Nerf Guns to buy

NB Bandera
As rounds go by in Senior Assassins, and players are being targeted, this is your chance to find the perfect Nerf Gun with this list that’d guarantee a win.

Senior Assassins is a game within a graduating class of seniors who create and battle against one another in groups for a winning prize of money using Nerf Guns to eliminate teams. Having just begun, everyone is preparing for the upcoming rounds. This is your ultimate guide to see what Nerf Guns you should buy either in stores or online.

#10: Nerf N-Strike Elite Dual-Strike Blaster
Want to scare your targets? The Dual-Strike Blaster can shoot darts that whistle and create a loud noise through the air. It has the option to choose what dart to shoot from between three elite or mega darts one at a time, totaling six darts being held at the same time at a range of around 33 feet.

#9: Nerf Elite 2.0 Eaglepoint Blaster
Even though it is on the pricier side around $40, it is a terrifying Nerf Gun. It comes with 16 darts that can shoot eight in a row launching 90 feet away, in which you can store eight in its storage area for quicker reloads saving you time. It comes with a detachable scope and barrel to level up your game.

#8: Nerf Elite 2.0 Volt Blaster
This Nerf Gun has a unique light beam target that is useful in low light situations, which batteries are needed for, and can launch 15 feet away or 90 feet without using the feature. It comes with six darts to shoot with a storage capacity of two darts. Two tactical rails can be added to help with the aim but it is sold separately.

#7: Nerf SurgeFire Elite Blaster
Although it is bigger and needs to be carried with two hands, this SurgeFire Blaster can shoot 90 feet away. A huge advantage is that it comes with 15 elite darts inside its rotator that you can shoot quickly with its slam-fire action.

#6: Nerf Elite Disruptor Blaster
Only around $10, this disruptor blaster can launch darts to 90 feet with a six-dart rotator and is easy to use. What’s even greater advantage is that it features a slam-fire action feature in which you can slam-fire all six darts at a target. Ouch!

#5: Nerf Elite 2.0 Commander Blaster
With 12 elite darts and storing six shoots 90 feet away, you can shoot one at a time or fire all six at the same time with the slam-fire action. It can quickly reload with the useful storage that comes with it. Not only that there are additional accessories like the foam flaster that are sold separately.

#4: Nerf Modulus Stryfe Blaster
Containing a useful one-grip handle, without the use of two hands, it can fire darts to 90 feet with six darts with motorization. With a quicker reload, it has a decent targeting accuracy if needing to protect oneself.

#3: Nerf Zombie Strike Hammershot Blaster
It’s simple yet useful for its revolver that holds five darts that can shoot as far as 75 feet. For its small size, it is efficient and easier to reload with just a click of the thumb to draw back.

#2: Nerf Elite Strongarm
This Nerf Gun can fire 6 darts in a row up to 90 feet away, it is quick-drawing and easy to reload which one has to do manually. It does not require batteries. Most importantly, it is made for distance when you want to aim at a target from afar without getting close and sneakily.

#1: Nerf Firestrike Elite Blaster
It launches up to 75 feet, has a light beam target, is compact, and helps shoot accurate targets for around $30 off Amazon. Although it isn’t automatic, this Nerf Gun can store darts in a compartment that one can reload easily. It’s not too complicated or simple, this is an essential Nerf Gun you’d need.

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