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The student news site of Downers Grove South High School


The student news site of Downers Grove South High School


Nics top ten pairs of Goodr sunglasses

Laura Duffy
I may or may not have an addiction with Goodr sunglasses.

Goodr sunglasses, the best pair of sunglasses for physical activities or lame non physical activities. They’re durable and stylish, perfect for a wide variety of occasions. What started out as a singular pair for a vacation turned into a collection a few years later: I love them so much, and will gladly give my opinion on which ones are the best.

#10: Pineapple Painkillers
The combination of the three primary colors create an excellent combination. These sunnies are supposed to be worn in the early morning with low light levels. In the middle of the day everything viewed through them appears bright red which isn’t always appealing to my eyes.

#9: Captain Blunt Red-Eye
Like many Mach-G sunglasses this pair has an aviation related pun as a name, but this time it relates to the actual color. Fun fact: the name is in reference to the co-founder of Goodr’s dad, nothing else.

#8: Cheesy Flight Attendant
Orange frames and icy blue lenses. Bright colors that reflect bright and dangerous UV rays prevalent in the summer.

#7: Carl is my Co-pilot
Pink frames with icy blue lenses, similar to Cheesey Flight Attendant. Carl is my Co-pilot suggests a deeper story to this pair but no explanation of the name is given. Who is Carl?

#6: Tales from the Greenskeeper
Green. This pair is green, and green is my favorite color. Tales from the Greenskeeper became the unofficial racing pair for my junior year track season.

#5: Blueberries, Muffin Enhancer
These blueberry like glasses are the only pair of Circle G’s I own. These being a gift from my sister make it so they have a special place in my heart. Unfortunately, the universally used goodr noggin size chart places these sunnies a size too small for my head.

#4: Pure Sky Candy
These limited edition sunnies have an immaculate design. The fade between blue and red creating a purple is so seamless, resembling the aura of exploding fireworks. I love wearing this pair during the winter months

#3: Hot Alien Summer
These are so hot. Neon green frames and black lenses perfectly encompass the classical alien look. Plus it comes with a commemorative glow in the dark sticker.

#2: It’s Octopuses not Octopi
These are my classical racing glasses for caress country. The lens has shielded me from the light for many meets since sophomore year. Plus the name is informational, giving the word an English ending to match its adoption as an English word.

#1: Buzzed at the Tower
The absolute best, the olive green color pairs great with any outfit running or not. I wear them almost everyday when in the car. Looking through the lenses you see the world bathed in calming green, just how it should be.

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