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‘You’re never going to be alone if you have music:’ Deanna Eslit

December 18, 2019

Eslit, far right and third row, is an alto two in the DGS treble choir.

Jovana Kuzmanovic

Eslit, far right and third row, is an alto two in the DGS treble choir.

For sophomore Deanna Eslit, enjoying choir was a learning process. Eslit, a member of treble choir and chamber singers, wasn’t always in love with singing. In fact, she hated it at first.

“It all started in fourth grade when we were kind of forced to try out for choir, and I thought it was stupid. But then I actually did it, and I never wanted to stop, and I actually ended up loving it,” Eslit said.

While some students might think taking choir is stupid, like younger Eslit did, others see it as a freedom from regular classroom structure. Choir isn’t held in a standard classroom, rather the room is very open with walls designed to give singers the best sound possible. Eslit elaborates on what makes choir a nice break for her.

“A lot of my friends dropped it, but I think the reason I stayed with it for so long, it’s just such a nice break in my day, and I know a lot of people say that, but whenever I come to choir, it gives me a different feeling. I feel like if I decided to take a different class or study hall, I would be so stressed, but when I come to choir, I know that the people in choir are going to give me a fun time, and I can just let loose and just express myself,” Eslit said.

Along those lines, choir allows students to work in one musical unit rather than separately. Also as a member of the varsity girls basketball team, teamwork is something Eslit values in the choral world as well.
“There’s a lot more teamwork involved, it’s just that I like working with other people and the challenge that comes with that, all the other things you have to take into account things like blend and how can we portray this message that we’re trying to get to the audience together,” Eslit said.

In Eslit’s belief, music isn’t a place to escape, but rather a friend a person can always come back to.

“Music to me, it’s honestly not like an escape, but more like a friend. Because even if you’re not the best at it, you can go anywhere in life and you’re never going to be alone if you have music. It’s just a way to connect with people, reflect, reflect on yourself and where you’re at in life and just be you and have a good time,” Eslit said.

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