Ariel Oh
Ariel Oh is a senior at DGS and is an Opinions Editor for the Blueprint. This is Oh’s third year on staff; she joined as a sophomore to develop her writing skills. Oh placed first in the 2019 Journalism Sectionals for video news and later went on to the state competition.

In addition to participating in the Blueprint, Oh also plays for the Downers Grove Outlaws softball team. Oh is involved with different activities such as being a Snowball leader, Superfans, ACE and a Blue Crew leader. She has also participated in the cheerleading and softball programs at DGS.

In her free time, she enjoys hanging out with her friends, doing outdoor activities as well as going to concerts and festivals. Her favorite TV show is Grey’s Anatomy. She also likes to play with her two dogs, Mia, a labrador, and Trixie who is a husky mix.

Oh is looking to attend college in either Florida or the West Coast. Although she is not sure what she wants to major in, she is considering marine biology or journalism.

Ariel Oh, Opinions Editor

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Ariel Oh