Dear Blueprint seniors, I’ll miss you


Dear Blueprint Class of 2020 Seniors (I don’t know what to call you),

I know that the year has been cut short and that basically ruins your entire high school experience, and we never got to say goodbye to any of you, because I never thought I’d have to say goodbye until the ACTUAL end of the year. So I’m gonna do it now.

Elliot, you are one of the funniest and most down-to-earth people I’ve ever met. I was genuinely excited when I found out I was going to have Blueprint with you last year. Thank you for giving me your last pieces of gum all the time and letting me draw on the board.

Ashley, I’m going to miss you so much. Lunch with you this year was so much fun I’m going to cry thinking about it. Thank you for being my mom and feeding me when I was hungry. Thank you for watching Dance Moms and Dance Academy with me and talking about boys. ILYSM and I’m going to miss you! Hope you did something with your prom dress 🙁 What happens in the backroom stays in the backroom

Vince, a true legend. Our times together were limited but you’re funny in the most quirky and awkward way possible. Thanks for telling me not to take AP Physics, I followed your advice because you scared me with all the scary stories. And thanks for carrying tripods for me when we made videos. And also thanks for looking for Alex by yourself that one time.

Maddie, you are a true icon period I love talking to you and you were the only person in Pre-Calc that understood how bad I was at it and I truly think you are so beautiful I love your outfits and your personality, just literally everything I love about you. I hope we pass each other again on another bike ride I miss talking to you 🙁

Izzy, MY QUEEN! Your creativity is going to take you so far whenever I have a vision you always make it look 10 times better. You are the sweetest human and I feel like we understand each other so well. You made the year so much better for me and I can’t thank you enough for that because my job was horrible and you really just helped me so so much thank you.

Marjorie, you are unbelievably smart and I’m glad to have met you this year. You’re always willing to pick something up from me last minute and get through it with no complaints. I long to have a work ethic like you and you have a truly prime sense of humor. I hope you do great things because you really are such a great person 🙂

Jackie, thank you for spending the last two years comforting me when I wanted to pull my hair out and laugh at my jokes. We’ve made some pretty good memories together and the fact you are going to become a journalism star is iconic. Let me know when you get VIP tickets when One Direction gets back together and you have to interview them because I’m coming with.

Alison, I loved having print with you. Staying after school together and talking to each other is what really made my day. I did research, when you turn orange from the carrots it’s called carotenemia. I’m sad I never got to see you turn orange but I still love your pale self 🙂 Thank you for making the year better by telling me that story, I won’t forget it.

Alyssa, it’s crazy to think how we went from walking to Ulta together to being in Blueprint together. I’m glad we were in the same family, we should’ve actually cut it out of the picture (can’t go too much into detail with this I hope you get it), but I’m happy we got to spend extra time together since I’ve moved away. I’ll miss you!

Kira, your jumpsuits are literally so cute I always mean to ask you where you get them from but then I forget. You are what I think of when I think of a model you’ve got the hair, face, fashion wow you just blow me away with your outfits I could never dress like you but I really also want to be you! What a trendsetter you are, truly.

Brenna, you are truly the sweetest person EVER! Not to mention you’re so talented and a running queen. I’m happy I got to know you and we got to share some good laughs together, you were so fun to be around and you always lifted up my energy. I probably won’t see a positive person like you again, so I’m glad to have met you.

Jovana, you are so cute and I don’t understand how you can get a perfect bun on your head almost everyday. Thanks for giving me advice on how to become a Literacy Center tutor, even though I ended up not being one. And thank you for complimenting my entertainment articles even though I can’t write entertainment.

Kate, my wife. A Peet’s queen. A true artist. I am so happy to have finally met you. Your vegan self just makes me so happy, your roasted sweet potatoes always made me happy. I will truly miss you and being in your presence every day. There will never be another wife like you.

Paul, even though you basically just harassed me for the past two years, I’ll miss you. Thank you for editing my papers about my liberal views at 10 p.m. even though you’re a conservative and probably wanted to strangle me half of the time. Thank you for annoying me and telling me to do my work and then end up doing it with me (sometimes for me). And thank you for always sitting in my corner, and then leaving lettuce and bread crumbs on my chair. Appreciate it.

Sarah, my twin. I love you so much and the fact that you’re always there for me. You know the glass plate thing on TikTok — we need to do that together immediately. Who am I going to have to talk about all of my problems with in the backroom? And who is going to make mac and cheese cups? Thinking about this is making me sad and I’m probably going to text you about it now.

Jacob, you definitely can’t handle sentimental so just know that you’re the one that truly understands my personality and I can’t say what I want to say to you on the Internet because everything we talk about is bad. Extremely. But it’s OK because I’ll see you before you leave to become a beaver. Badger? I’m not sure what the UW mascot is. You can tell your epileptic dog that I love him though.

Tatum, thanks for the memories Tatoom 🙁 We’ll probably make a lot more but nothing beats throwing the cheese or you picking me up that one night and me sitting in your car for an hour and being pressed. You make my life so much better and I don’t want you to go away at all. I’ll miss you so much I can’t talk to Lavon by myself anymore. What am I going to do? #horsegirl

Thank you for everything.


Ariel <3