Top 10 exercises that burn very badly


Many people who workout know there are certain exercises we love and ones we dread. Looking for some burners? Here is a list of the top 10 burning exercises (that will probably make you regret ever working out).

#10: Bicycles
Bicycles are a good way to get your abs burning and hurting. In the best way, of course.

#9: Shoulder press
Maybe I just have weak shoulders, but I dread doing these. They aren so hard and for what? For no reason.

#8: Penguins/lateral toe touches
Many would say that penguins are one of the easiest exercises to do, but boy are they wrong. Try touching your opposite heel if you try them to feel the real burn.

#7: Split squat jumps
Golly-gee, if I could describe how badly this exercise burns it’d scare you from wanting to workout again. Especially in HIIT workouts, the burn is unreal.

#6: Mountain climbers
This cardio and ab combination move keeps me humble in the gym. No matter how fit you are one minute of these will put you in your place.

#5: Glute band work
Any glute resistance band work for an extended period of time will have anybody with sweat dripping down their body.

#4: Burpee into dumbbell row
A set of these will have your arms feeling like noodles as well as your heart beating out of your chest. The last time I did these sweat was dripping into my eyeballs.

#3: Lateral lunges
Something about lateral lunges just really get the legs burning for me. I despise them, yet I respect them at the same time.

#2: Bulgarian split squats
This exercise is so difficult (but what lunge exercise isn’t) for no reason. My legs beg me not to do them every time I do.

#1: Side planks
There is only one word–pain.