Bite into your lucky Pop-tart flavor horoscope


You’re going to go to the beach and get sand in your hair. A dog will come and lick your face the day after, it’s going to be a husky.

Lucky Pop-tart flavor: Frosted Banana Bread

You’re going to get sun burnt, but it’s okay because your crush will be there with aloe vera. Your favorite ice cream will be on sale, run fast.

Lucky Pop-tart flavor: Frosted Blueberry

You will find multiple four leaf clovers. Get that cool pair of shoes, you’ll need them when you go on vacation. Look for marshmallows, it’s a sign that you’ll get money soon.

Lucky Pop-tart flavor: Eggo Frosted Maple

Look for the number 7, it’ll appear when you’ve found your soulmate. Start that new drama series, you won’t regret it.

Lucky Pop-tart flavor: Frosted Chocolate Chip

You have an admirer. Stop and smell the roses, they’ll bring you good luck. Watch out for people wearing blue baseball caps, they’re bad luck.

Lucky Pop-tart flavor: Frosted Confetti Cupcake

Maybe ease off of spending your money, your favorite artist is touring in your area. Make sure to sing as loud as you can, it will bring luck. Be careful around birds.

Lucky Pop-tart flavor: Snickerdoodle

Calm down a little bit, you’re scaring away the birds. Maybe have a little less Red Bull.

Lucky Pop-tart flavor: PB&J

You’re going to find diamonds in Minecraft. Gotta hope you at least have an iron pickaxe.

Lucky Pop-tart flavor: Frosted Cookies and Creme

You’re going to have a fun time at a water park, but you’re also going to have to deal with burning hot cement on your feet. Also you’re having a BBQ so enjoy those burgers.

Lucky Pop-tart flavor: Frosted Grape

You’ll win the lottery, but people will be after your money. Buy a pair of goggles, you’ll need them next week.

Luck Pop-tart flavor: Blue Raspberry

There are going to be many bugs that’ll try to bite you. Look for your favorite color, it’ll lead you to a cool bonfire party.

Lucky Pop-tart flavor: Tropical Mango

A horse will bite you, be prepared. You’ll be able to pet a llama soon.There’s going to be a comet the last night of your vacation.

Lucky Pop-tart flavor: Watermelon