Maliyah Sartin sees school has her red carpet


TeKavin Russell

Junior Maliyah Sartin dreams to be a fashion model after high school.

TeKavin Russell, Grapics/Photo Editor

Junior Maliyah Sartin explains how fashion impacts her life. She embraces her brown-skinned skin. Talking about who’s she inspired by and how fashion influences her life.

Q: How does fashion impact your everyday life?

A: “I come to school every like it’s my runway. Dress to impress and feeling myself.”

Q: What fashion icon inspires you?

A: “Beyoncé”

Q: How do you think your love for fashion can influence your future?

A: I used to go to a modeling school in Chicago which I graduated from. It was a great experience and it taught me a lot about the industry.

Q: What is your favorite type of fashion?

A: “I really like real fitted clothes but I do like distressed ones. I like a mixture of 2000s fashion and skater boys aesthetics.”

Q: What is your aspiration in life?

A: To look pretty and be happy.