Louis Tomlinson: Where is he now?


Tomlinson shows his gratitude and excitement for future plans with his music.

Louis Tomlinson – someone who has teenage girls swooning over him 24/7. From 2011 to 2015, the “Sass-master of Doncaster” from the boy band One Direction stole the hearts of millions. After the band’s “hiatus” all four members went their separate ways, leaving their fans wondering…

Where are they now?

Tomlinson’s career first sky-rocketed in 2010 when One Direction created a worldwide outbreak, accumulating millions of fans around the world in a matter of months. After participating in four world tours and receiving massive amounts of awards with his bandmates, Tomlinson created a mass fanbase; this included the sales of his life-size cardboard figure, dolls, pillows and T-shirts with his name printed all over them.

Shortly after a hiatus of One Direction, Tomlinson quickly moved onto his solo career, creating his own record label Triple Strings in 2016 — partnering with Syco (One Direction’s record label) to back him up. Tomlinson also released his first solo single, “Just Hold On,” a collaboration with DJ Steve Aoki. That same year, Tomlinson welcomed his son Freddie into the world with hairstylist Briana Jungwirth.

Family matters seemed to be difficult for Tomlinson as his mother later passed in December of 2016 due to leukemia. He released a song called “Miss You” three years after her passing as a tribute to her. Sister of Tomlinson Felicite Tomlinson passed of a heart attack six days after the release.

Tomlinson seems to be living a relatively private and slow-paced career compared to his bandmates. He has only released eight singles, compared to the albums released by Horan, Payne, Styles and Malik. Tomlinson is also the last to release an album out of the infamous five; his debut album “Walls” releases on Jan. 31 2020.

Although seeming to be “less successful” than his bandmates, Tomlinson seems content as he has recently advertised his own world tour, selling out in 16 out of 50 locations before the release of his album.

Tomlinson has also won multiple awards, some being “Choice Male Artist” at the Teen Choice Awards in 2018 and “Choice Single.”
Tomlinson has also branched out from recording music. Going back to the past, Tomlinson featured as a judge on the X-Factor in 2018. He continued throughout the season to be a mentor for the boy groups.

Usually being inconsistent when it comes to releasing music, Tomlinson has been satisfying fans with his pop-techno sound, releasing four singles in 2019. He has also been active on social media, promoting his upcoming album and tour.

It is clear that Tomlinson has moved on from the bubbly pop music the public previously had known him for. And although seen as the least successful to come out of the band, his different sound shows that he is actually writing music he wants to write, and can be free of the stress that comes with being in the most famous boyband in the world.

Where is Louis Tomlinson now? Finding success in his own passion and creativity