What is your lucky brand of cereal based on your sign?


Ariel Oh

Find out what your lucky cereal is based on your sign.

Sagittarius – Lucky Charms

The luckiest cereal of them all, Lucky Charms. The moon is in your favor, and luck is coming your way. Something great is going to happen for you within the next few days.

Aries – Wheaties

To match your competitive nature and need for a challenge, eating Wheaties will bring you great luck. It’s the only cereal that matches your energy.

Taurus – Cookie Crisp

To match your fun and bubbly personality, Cookie Crisp’s are for you. They scream fun and fresh. Eat a bowl and watch what happens.

Gemini – Trix

Gemini, you are anything but boring. Your curiosity brings you to Trix. Eat a bowl of Trix cereal and you will find a lucky road ahead of you.

Cancer – Cocoa Puffs

Cocoa Puffs are comforting in a person’s happiest and darkest times. You are very in tune with your emotional character, and eating a cereal that represents your personality will bring you the best of luck.

Leo – Froot Loops

You, Leo, are a social butterfly–the life of the party. Froot Loops are fun and flirty just like you. This cereal will bring you an unbelievable amount of luck.

Virgo – Special K

For a dedicated, true and thoughtful Virgo like yourself, Special K is the way to go. You’re all about simple and delicious ingredients.

Libra – Cap’N Crunch Berry

A sweet and friendly Libra needs a sweet cereal. Cap’N Crunch will give you luck and a way to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Scorpio – Frosted Flakes

Your passion and assertiveness brings you to be like Tony the Tiger. You are a leader, and eating Frosted Flakes will represent your personality and bring you a lucky week.

Capricorn – Cereal bars

You are a workaholic and don’t have time to sit down to eat a bowl of cereal. Seeking practicality, cereal bars are the way to go. You will be able to work and find luck while eating a basic cereal bar.

Aquarius – Cinnamon Toast Crunch

You are an individual who views life as endless possibilities. Because you’re constantly looking for a rush, Cinnamon Toast Crunch is the way to go. Brighten your day by getting a bite of CTC.

Pisces – Cheerios

Cheerios–a classic cereal that everyone can eat because of how dependable it is in terms of being delicious. As a Pisces, you can always be counted on by a friend. Eat some Cheerios to have a lucky week ahead of you.