Your sign’s primary chore this spring cleaning


Kristin Weidner

Twelve different signs, twelve different chores, which one will you be?

Aries – Cleaning your fridge

Clean out the toxic people in your life, and your fridge while you’re at it. Let there be peace of mind and a clean start. Don’t hold onto the people that don’t understand you, allow room for those who do. Plus get rid of those leftovers that have overstayed their welcome.

Lucky candle scent: Pine

Taurus – Vacuum and sweep

Vacuum and sweep up your dirt, and regret. Let spring signal a new start for you. Use the time vacuuming to sort out the good from the bad in your life. Don’t let your stubbornness to let go hold you from your full potential.

Lucky candle scent: Jasmine

Gemini – Clear your camera roll

Delete those photos that don’t hold meaning to you. Everything from accidental pictures, to portraits of people that are no longer relevant to you. Clean out your camera roll before your phone asks you to.

Lucky candle scent: Lilac blossom

Cancer – Clean your closet:

Donate old clothes this spring. That t-shirt from 3 years ago won’t last forever, it’s time to start anew. Your constant goal to fit doesn’t allow you to grow, so take a step back and buy new clothes for the person you are now.

Lucky candle scent: Warm vanilla

Leo – Create a new home screen

Try to create a new home screen, one that represents the real you. As a Leo your phone shouldn’t represent your mask to the world, it should have wallpapers and widgets that symbolize the real you. Anything from pictures of loved ones to your favorite aesthetic can provide you with that spice you’re looking for.

Lucky candle scent: Sunflowers

Virgo – Redecorating your room

Rather than trying to perfectly clean your house, try to relax and redecorate your room. You spend day after day attempting to find structure and perfection, so just enjoy the simple job of adding new posters and pictures to your wall.

Lucky candle scent: Linen

Libra – Clean your windows and mirrors

Your chore this spring is to clean the windows and mirrors. As a libra you spend the majority of your day advising your loved ones with their problems, but you cease to aid on your own. While cleaning, try to take a long hard look at how far you’ve come, and pat yourself on the back while you’re at it.

Lucky candle scent: Rose

Scorpio – New passion project

For scorpios, this time is all about channeling your passions into a new project: for example, knitting, musical arts, or writing. Even though the other signs take a more literal approach to the meaning of spring “cleaning,” it’s appropriate for you to use this new chapter to welcome that strange interest into your life so that it can blossom.

Lucky candle scent: Pomegranate

Sagittarius – Finish the dishes

It’s true, doing the dishes is hardly the most interesting and exciting task, however you know what needs to be done and now is the perfect time to be ahead of the curve. The moment you take initiative with your chores, the easier your life will be tomorrow morning. It’s the little victories.

Lucky candle scent: Sage

Capricorn – Changing the clocks

Spring marks the loss of one hour, and as one of the most responsible signs, it’s your duty to do the essential and underappreciated task of changing the clocks. Spring marks the loss of one hour, and you know better than any other sign that every second counts, so make sure you use your practicality and efficiency well.

Lucky candle scent: Coffee

Aquarius – Organize shoes

Organizing shoes can offer you that social recharge you need. A quiet break away from all the noise outside and in your head. Use your creative side to sort by colors, favorite to least, or most expensive to least. Treat your chore with attention and you will receive the good karma you are longing for.

Lucky candle scent: Eucalyptus

Pisces – Clean out your car

Road trips, food trips, and grocery trips can have a lasting impact on the cleanliness of your car. Receipts and wrappers that haven’t seen the light of day in months are longing for your attention. Find a vacuum and hose and go to town, you know what to do.

Lucky candle scent: Seaside breeze