Horoscopes: Will you be in a food coma edition?

Lexie Lukacik, Photo Editor

This week is going to be exciting for you. Some special forces are working with you this week that will allow you to have a new beginning, but be careful where you step because making the wrong decision can alter that quickly.

Lucky colored gummy bear: Blue

It’s going to be a bumpy week for you, but no worries, I’m sure you’ve got it under control…right? If you’re celebrating Thanksgiving with your family steer clear of the mashed potatoes, they’ve got it out for you. Try to keep a smile on your face though, it’s only one bad week!

Lucky colored candy wrapper: Purple

You’re going to enjoy eating all the pumpkin pie you can stuff in your face this week. This week is looking good for you, but you should expect a stern confrontation with your parents. That school work that’s been missing for two months is not going to be completed on its own, and your parents will be the first to let you know.

Lucky patterned pencil: Stripes

Take a deep breath this week because you soon will be forced to help set up all the Christmas decorations. Maybe even hide under your bed to avoid your parents asking for help 20 thousand times. But it’s not so bad, you could be left doing the last minute shopping on your own.

Lucky colored ornament: Silver

Your week is going to be filled with good food. You will be eating like a God, and don’t worry you don’t even have to share. Enjoy the good eats this week and remember to have some laughs with your family.

Lucky colored scrunchie: Orange

Well you’re off to a great start to this week with your mom upset with you. What did you do this time? Plan on keeping a low profile in your house, and try to help your dad make the turkey or else things aren’t looking so hot for you.

Lucky colored skittle: yellow

You’re scrambling as the holidays approach, but you will be relaxing with a cup of hot chocolate soon. Expect to receive an early gift this week that will make all that stress disappear.

Lucky colored gift wrapping: Green w/polka dots

This week is not going to go your way, but spending some quality time with friends and family might just be the cure to fix that. You’re going to have an epiphany this week and realize that not everything in life is handed to you.

Lucky Dunkin’ Donuts drink: Iced caramel coffee with vanilla and two creams

You might be receiving the chance of a lifetime this week. Although it may be temping at first, consider your choices and how they affect you. This will be a game changer and could end good or bad.

Lucky soda: Mcdonald’s sprite.

You’ll be smiling from ear to ear this week. Your hard work will receive recognition, so expect a compliment from a possible boss and/or teacher. But don’t be greedy, share some of that positivity with someone who can use a boost up.

Lucky cereal: Cinnamon Toast Crunch

You may experience a minor setback this week, and it might start with not having enough milk for your cereal. Don’t fret, your relationships regarding your friendships are looking strong this week. Plan something safe and fun to do to enjoy it.

Lucky dessert: Cookie Dough ice cream

You had a few bumps last week, but expect there to be an opening for change this week. You’ll have the opportunity to take part in new experiences, and will be content with the people you surround yourself with. Relax this week and don’t allow stress to enter your world.

Lucky shoe: Vans