Horoscopes; How should you ring in the new year?


Alexis Pragides

Find out what you should do to start off 2021 with these horoscopes.

Capricorn – Redecorating your room

Your room needs a bit of a touch-up, and what better time to spruce up the pace than the beginning of the year? Clean up the space, maybe add some LED lights and plants. Make yourself comfortable.
Lucky hat: Beanie

Aquarius – Read a book

You want to start off the year quietly. Snuggle up with a book, new or old; maybe grab a cup of hot chocolate too. Take this alone time to just lose yourself in a story.
Lucky hat: Sun hat

Pisces – Buy clothes

You want to treat yourself to start off the new year. Why not spice up your wardrobe? Go to the mall or shop online for some new shoes, socks and shirts; you deserve something new.
Lucky hat: Pirate hat

Aries – Exercise

You want to start 2021 right and that begins with staying motivated and active. It’s cold outside, but that won’t stop you from taking a morning jog around the neighborhood. You don’t need a new years resolution to continue staying fit.
Lucky hat: Baseball cap

Taurus – Watch a movie or TV show

You’re not one for going out much, so go binge watch that new series or movie you’ve been scrolling past on Netflix. Microwave some popcorn, snuggle underneath the covers and just enjoy. Sometimes it’s best to just relax.
Lucky hat: Newsboy cap

Gemini – Reconnect with friends

You want to check-in with how everyone’s doing. Catching up with old friends seems like the way to go. Open up that facetime app and lose yourself talking for hours about life updates, hobbies and stories.
Lucky hat: Party hat

Cancer – Make a dessert

You want to stay productive, maybe learn something new. Baking a warm batch of cookies or whipping up a pastry is the way to go. Spend an afternoon baking and munching on some sweet treats.
Lucky hat: Beret

Leo – Start a bucket list

An exciting, fun-filled year is something you definitely want. Grab your pens and start writing down everything you want to accomplish this year; stay ambitious and meet your goals.
Lucky hat: Fedora

Virgo – Listen to new music

Your playlist is in need of a major 2021 makeover. Go outside of your comfort zone and listen to a new, underground artist, or try listening to a new genre. Put in your earbuds or headphones and listen to some bops.
Lucky hat: Cowboy hat

Libra – Play video games with friends

Grab your console whether it be your PC, an Xbox, your phone or a Playstation because it’s time to start gaming. Having fun and socializing with friends (or even random strangers) is right up your alley.
Lucky hat: Snapback

Scorpio – Sleep

You’re tired, that’s okay. It’s been a long year, and you deserve to rest. Lay down with a bunch of pillows, your warmest blanket and maybe a stuffed animal because it’s time to doze off.
Lucky hat: Bucket hat

Sagittarius – Do an arts and crafts project

Paper, pencils and glue is all you need. Make something cute to start off the year, use it as a decoration around your house. Put your creation on display for everyone to see.
Lucky hat: Top hat