Top 10 old iPhone apps you forgot about

Alexis Pragides

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January 29, 2021

Alexis Pragides

All these old iPhone apps were staples to our tech-filled childhoods.

“You got games on your phone?” These apps are the reason this classic statement was made so iconic. Let’s take a trip down memory lane and reminisce about all the old apps we used to play with before the rise of Tiktok and Twitter.

#10: The Moron Test

This app gave me so much unnecessary rage as a kid, and that’s why it’s at #10. It was annoying and super addictive, but I’ll give it kudos for being one of the original puzzle apps.

#9: Whiteboard Lite

Growing up, I loved drawing, so this app just gave me a reason to do it even more. I still have old (and really cringey) drawings up on my mom’s facebook. Don’t go looking for them, they’re just dinosaurs and stick figures.

#8: Koi Pond

This was just one of those apps I remember opening up when there was nothing better to do. I didn’t have any pets growing up, so I guess this app gave the illusion of having and feeding a pet fish — except the fish was just a bunch of pixels.

#7: Doodle Jump

One thing most of the old iPhones games had in common was their accessibility to all ages — and Doodle Jump was no exception. The only complaint I have with the game is how easy it was to lose if I just moved a little bit too far to the left or right.

#6: Cut the Rope

Another game featuring a little, green character. I never got to beating the full game since I sucked at it, but it was fun nonetheless.

#5: Touch Hockey

This game was one of the only big mobile games that would be considered “multiplayer”. This was a great game I played with my brother or cousins just to pass the time during long family parties.

#4: iSoda/iBeer

This app made 10 year old me feel so cool. I remember running around, showing everyone what I was “drinking” thinking I was the best. Good times.

#3: Temple Run

Everyone knows this app, it’s iconic. I wasn’t that good at it, but I managed to get to the part with the blue coins every once in a while. It still holds up today as a great game.

#2: Bubble Wrap

Now this is one of those apps you could probably spend hours messing with. Of course, tapping a smooth screen to pop bubbles will never match up to the real thing, but they tried their best.

#1: Talking Tom

I personally remember using this app for evil — as in annoying my parents constantly with the sound of a high-pitched talking cat. I’m honestly surprised they didn’t delete it off my device.