What I love about each zodiac sign (as a Cancer)

Claire Valenti

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November 2021
December 1, 2021

This book isn’t my only source of information, but it does help me explain astrology to people who are new to it.

I admit to being one of those girls who are obsessed with crystals and space, and I also can’t deny being into astrology. When I first meet someone, one of the first things I ask them is when their birthday is so I can figure out what zodiac sign they were born under without sounding insane.

Out of everything I could recall about the people I meet, I usually remember their sign before most other things. Here is a list of everything I love about each zodiac sign.

Aries – Ability to make people happy

As a water sign I feel as though I shouldn’t get along with fire signs as well as I do, but I love all of my fire signs dearly (especially Aries). Out of every Aries I meet, the one thing I’ve seen them do without fail is make everyone burst into tears laughing. They know how to light up a room and they always have something funny or nice to say if moods need to be lifted.

Taurus – Tenacity

A stereotypical trait I see commonly used to describe Taurus is ‘stubborn’, and a lot of the time it’s used in a negative way. A Taurus’s tenacity is like no other, and I think it’s one of the best traits about them. They’re able to hold onto the things and people they care about, and stick with them until the end of time.

Gemini – Social butterflies

I’ve only met a few Geminis in my time, but every single one of them had the ability to socialize like no other. Gemini’s are able to adapt and strive in any given situation that involves people, and they can do this without hesitation. They are able to make many friends with this skill, and they make it look easy.

Cancer – Empathy

This is gonna make me sound egotistical, but I promise I’m not the only Cancerian that I know. Every Cancer in my life possesses the natural gift of empathizing with people, no matter the situation. If someone is struggling, a cancer will automatically pick up on that and do anything in their power to make that person feel better.

Leo – Confidence

I can’t lie; I’ve had my ups and downs with the Leos in my life, but I will never not admire the confidence that each and every one of them possesses. A Leo can walk into any room without fear, knowing that they’ll accomplish whatever it is they set out to do. No matter what they’re doing, they’re doing it without a doubt in their mind that they will succeed.
Virgo – Organization

I hold Virgos very near and dear to my heart, because more than once has one held my life together for me. Virgos are able to multitask like champions all because they keep everything in their life organized and in their control. They keep track of everything, and nothing ever phases them because they are prepared for almost anything.

Libra – Judgement

This sounds a little stereotypical, but I’ve never seen a Libra make a bad decision. They’re able to trust their gut feeling, it helps them figure out things about people and what might be best for them. Every Libra I know has a good judge of character, and has never failed to give good advice about a person or situation.

Scorpio – Work ethic

Something I find amazing about the Scorpios in my life is how extremely hardworking they are. They’re always striving to achieve their goals and they’ll do whatever it takes to reach them. Scorpios won’t settle for anything less than what they want.

Sagittarius – Party starters

Every Sagittarius I have ever known has been able to turn a quiet, monotone room of people into a lively and joyful group. They do everything in their power to make mundane things fun, and they do it well. If you ever feel like things are boring, a Sagittarius can fix that in seconds.

Capricorn – Reliability

Capricorns are very hard for me to find; although I only know a few, they are always there for you whenever you need them. They’re able to support you no matter what may be happening in their lives, and they’re able to do it effectively. If you ever need them, that Capricorn will surely be there for you.

Aquarius – Independence

I find one of the most admirable qualities a person can have is the ability to care for and be there for yourself; this is where they thrive. Any Aquarius I come across has always been able to advocate and care for themselves without fail. They put themselves first unapologetically, and they are all the more blissful and at peace for it.

Pisces – Emotional

Some people see this as a bad thing, but it’s personally my favorite trait in my Pisces friends. They are able to feel what they’re feeling without doubting themselves or letting themselves feel guilty for it. Pisces are completely in tune with their emotions and feelings; it makes it easier for them to connect with themselves and the people around them.