Horoscopes: Songs to get you in the spring mood

Greyson Martinescu, News Editor

“Fight song” by Rachel Platten. Playing this song will give you a strong sense of motivation and a willingness to fight through the many challenges we currently face. Although the world may be unfair at times, there are warmer and sunnier times ahead.

Lucky color shoes: yellow

“Beautiful Day” by U2., take a look and see how wonderful the world can be by listening to nature around and enjoying the shining sun. Even though our lives are full of countless businesses, taking some time to reflect on the beauty of the world is key.

Lucky color shoes: green

“Thunder” by Imagine Dragons., This pop-rock song is a perfect anthem for facing haters and doubts barely a quarter into the new year. It will give you the determination, optimism and enthusiasm to get past the crummy winter weather and have you thinking about the rainy and moderately warm weather.
Lucky color shoes: Grey
“Earth Song ” by Michael Jackson activity to look forward too in the spring is getting your hands working with gardening. Especially having the patience to take care of the landscape around you and having the devotion to actually have efficient spring-cleaning.

Lucky color shoes: brown

“Hotel California” by Eagles., We may all need a song to remind us of a warm paradise that we could escape too. Being isolated physically doesn’t mean you can’t be socially separated and there is so much to explore and learn as the new year rolls on.

Lucky color shoes: Blue

“My heart will go on” by Celine Dion., being sensitive and sentimental to certain items isn’t always bad but it may be time to get rid of that object you possessed during spring-cleaning. As the weather begins to warm up, find at-home hobbies you like and keep your family close.

Lucky color shoe: Red

“Happy” by Pharrell Williams., Although it may not be the most go-to song, it provides a cheerful tune and gives off the spring vibe of brighter days and being able to spend more time outside. Not having to think about the brutal winter weather is another big plus.
Lucky color shoe: Gold

Virgo: “It’s my life” by Bon Jovi., being indoors for such a long period of time can help and test you on loyalty t, practicality and the healthy food choices you make. With winter wrapping up, its now or never to get out there ad express your hardworking and kind mentality.

Lucky color shoe: yellow

“La Vida Loca” by Ricky Martin., being able to share the outdoors with others and having the willingness to live out life to the fullest whilst creating a positive environment is best. Although the world is as crazy as it gets, avoid conflict and keep the peace.

Lucky color shoe: Pink

“Hall of fame” by The Script., As the year 2021 I will nearly a quarter of the way done, it’s time to take the new year’s resolution into effect by being more brave, resourceful and a true friend towards someone. Be the leader in the situation you encounter and have the passion to get your name out there.
Lucky color shoe:Scarlet

“Come fly with me” by Frank Sinatra., Although travel may not be a top priority given everything, it surely matches up with a spring vacation mindset. Whether it is in person or virtually, expose yourself to the many cultures and keep an open mind about how life differs around the globe.
Lucky color shoe: Blue

Any Mozart song, take the time to concentrate and be independent to develop yourself to be more disciplined and responsible as the year brightens up. It never hurts to be traditional in creating your craft as the outdoors will be calling your name soon.
Lucky color shoe: black