Horoscopes: What fall activity you should do this weekend


Anika Brown

A spooky skeleton from Halloween lies in some leaves for Fall.

Have no idea what to do this fall weekend? Maybe these horoscopes will help you!

Scorpio- Homework
You love to feel in control, so getting a head start on this week’s homework, maybe even the semester’s will make you happy.

Lucky color shirt: red

Sagittarius- Hiking
You are one with the outdoors, might as well live there. Nature just calls to you, so go on a long hike this weekend.

Lucky color shirt: blue

Capricorn- Stay at home and read
You are self-disciplined and responsible so you will probably just want to cuddle up with a good book and be in bed by 10 o’clock; no shame in that.

Lucky color shirt: Brown or black

Aquarius- Fun with friends
Even though you may come off as shy and quiet, you love a good time with your best buds. So go out and have fun (socially distanced, of course).

Lucky color shirt: Light-blue

Pisces- Sleep
You like your alone time, so sleeping is the best option! You normally stay up late doing homework, so now is the time to catch up on some z’s!

Lucky color shirt: Violet

Aries- Sports
You are the most competitive person in the world, everyone knows that. So, take this weekend to get a few friends together and have a fun game of flag-football (and please, don’t actually tackle anyone).

Lucky color shirt: Scarlett

Taurus- Cooking
Whip up a new recipe, which I’m sure will be delicious!
Lucky color shirt: Green or pink

Gemini- Hanging out with bae
The one thing you hate most is being alone, so slide into those DM’s and ask that special someone to hang out!

Lucky color shirt: Yellow

Cancer- Puzzling
You enjoy spending time with your loved ones and like a nice calm activity, so I have the perfect thing for you: puzzling! Grab a family member and crack open that puzzle!

Lucky color shirt: White

Leo- Shopping
Hop in your car and drive to the nearest mall, because you need to go shopping, stat!

Lucky color shirt: Orange

Virgo- Do some Fall cleaning
Just like a Scorpio, you love to be in control of your life. Cleaning your room will definitely make you feel better.

Lucky color shirt: Grey

Libra- Binge watching Netflix
The one thing you despise is confrontation, so the perfect solution is binge-watching Netflix! Grab a cozy blanket, your favorite snack and press play on that new series!

Lucky color shirt: Pink