Q and A: Ellison Gee shares her summer favorites

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Senior Ellison Gee is excited for summer of 2022. She shares some of her favorite summer activities and foods.

With summer comes sun burns and melted ice cream. Senior Ellison Gee shares some of her favorites from the summer season.

Q: What is your favorite summer song?
A: “Carolina” by Harry Styles is my favorite song in general, but it goes with summer because of the upbeat tune.

Q: What is your favorite summer movie?
A: I watch “High School Musical” with my friends over and over. They are super fun to binge watch. We’ve already watched it multiple times this year.

Q: What is your favorite summer TV show to binge watch?
A: I really like “Criminal Minds,” it’s very easy to watch in the background while doing other things.

Q: What’s your favorite summer activity?
A: I like to go on bike rides with my friends. We go to Waterfall Glen a lot. It’s a lot of fun.

Q: What’s your favorite summer food?
A: Is lemonade a food? Yeah? Then lemonade, easy.