Top ten Midwestern things that make us Midwestern

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March 2022
March 24, 2022

Courtesy of Annie Methherd

The Midwest may have endless corn fields and the flattest terrain, but it truly is an amazing place to live.

Ah, the Midwest— known for dairy products, corn and Chicago. You can drive for hours in the middle of nowhere without seeing a single Kwik Trip or Speedway, but you will see plenty of cows and corn. Here are the top ten things that make us Midwestern:

#10: “I’m from Chicago”
No you’re not, you’re from Naperville. So for the sake of real Chicagoans, don’t pretend you’re from the big city.

#9: WalMart parking lots
When growing up in a small town, there isn’t much to do. Picking up your friends and sitting in your local supermarket parking lot will be the highlight of your night.

#8: Saying “ope”
Accidentally bumping into someone can be embarrassing enough; however, adding the word “ope” will make everything better.

#7: Midwestern Weather
Weather in the Midwest will have you wearing shorts one day and your heaviest parka the next. Thank you, mother nature.

#6: Tornadoes
I’ll believe it when I see it. It’s more of the time to stand on your porch and storm-watch for a while, so don’t tell me to shelter-in-place.

#5: Is it soda or pop?
Ah, the decades old debate over a soft drink. Frankly, it never gets old hearing this argument. (The correct answer is soda.)

#4: The annual DeKalb Corn Fest

Must I explain this one? Most of the Midwest lives surrounded by corn fields, so going to the DeKalb Corn Fest is a must.

#3: The Midwest goodbye
Whether it may be saying goodbye to your grandma, or even just a friend, be prepared to spend half an hour trying to say bye and leave.

#2: The beloved accent
You may not notice it, but we can assure it’s there. You draw out your “a’s” and by the way, it’s milk, not “melk.”

#1: The Midwestern attitude
Besides the south, most Midwestern states are known for their hospitality. We will be the most neighborly and kindest people yo