Incorporate these elements into your week according to your horoscope


Ava Lafin

Elements are all around, so be sure you use your horoscope to see which is lucky.

Keep your head up this week. Only drop your gaze when you might see money on the ground.
Lucky element: Fluorine

Protect your peace from those who want to take it from you. Don’t talk to strangers.
Lucky element: Bismuth

Even when people get on your nerves, don’t lose your head. Drink a lot of water.
Lucky element: Hydrogen

If you let people help you, you’ll get a lot further in life. Start spreading the news. Move to a new city.
Lucky element: Iron

You’ll have your choice of the litter this week. Keep people close to you.
Lucky element: Neon

Stop letting toxic people tell you what to do. Be more decisive. Get a dog.
Lucky element: Sodium

You will get a lot of invites this week, so choose with your head, not your heart. Look out for large bodies of water.
Lucky element: Tin

Loosen up, or you’ll die of stress. Go axe throwing with friends. Take some deep breaths.
Lucky element: Boron

Your head may feel cloudy this week so grab a good friend to help sift through it. Plan your week accordingly.
Lucky element: Gallium

You need to start planning for your future. Buy a cute planner from Office Depot to inspire you and make your 10 year plan. Drink milk.
Lucky element: Calcium

Remember to breathe this week. Take some time to do something you like and try to focus on cooling yourself off.
Lucky element: Oxygen

Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. Wear a helmet.
Lucky element: Copper