Senior Hannah Logan reflects on time at DGS, preparation for future


Emma Fudacz

Logan is excited for the new possibilities in college, but is also worried about being unprepared for the real world.

Senior Hannah Logan graduated with the class of 2023. Logan participated in Orchesis and loves to dance. Logan also was a member of Key Club and Friendship Club year-round.

Q: What are your next year plans?
A: So, currently I am undecided, so I am just going to go to College of DuPage because it’s cheaper.

Q: What do you think are the benefits of staying close to home as opposed to jumping off the deep end?
A: It’s cheaper; that’s literally the only reason I’m here. I’d probably go away if I could.

Q: What are your biggest fears in the upcoming years?
A: Either that I’m not going to find out what I want to do, or when I find out what I want to do, it won’t work out.

Q: Do you feel like DGS prepared you for the outside world?
A: Not really, a little bit… for example, Consumer Ed. I feel like there’s a lot of important information that you need to know, and I didn’t really get anything from that class; I was mainly focused on getting the homework and projects done, because I have other classes that I needed to focus on.

Q: What are some of your favorite memories looking back on your time at DGS?
A: Football games and homecoming, because I’m with my friends and that’s when I made the most memories in high school.