Horoscope: This weeks lucky subject


Teagan Smith

This is your lucky subject based on your sign this week.

It must be exhausting to be so successful all the time. Take a nap, you deserve it.
Lucky Subject: Math

I’m sorry you failed that math test. You’ll get it next time. Maybe you should’ve spent less time on tiktok.
Lucky subject: Social studies

This is not your week, but that’s okay. Next week won’t be your week either though.
Lucky subject: English

I’m advising you to start studying for that test next week. It’s going to be harder than you think.
Lucky subject: Music

Can you stop talking about St. Patrick’s day it’s over and it’s not a major holiday to begin with. We all already know they have shamrock shakes at McDonald’s.
Lucky subject: English II

Go take your dog on a walk. You could both use some fresh air and exercise, it doesn’t matter if it’s a little cold
Lucky subject: Pre-calc

It’s almost your half birthday, we get it. You don’t need to celebrate it twice
Lucky subject: culinary

You’ve got some good stuff coming your way. Be patient and it’ll be worth it.
Lucky subject: Physics

Now is not the time to stop doing your homework, the semester isn’t even half way over. Come on you can do it.
Lucky subject: Global connections

This week will be good, it’ll make up for the last month. Sorry about that.
Lucky subject: Journalistic expressions

Stop drinking so much coffee, it’s really not good for you. Also be nicer to your mom.
Lucky subject: Sociology

I’m sorry you were single on Valentine’s day but it has been a month, you can stop complaining about it. Focus on your school work not finding a bae.
Lucky subject: Anything but chemistry