Volleyball players respond to out-of-the-ordinary sport questions


Kristin Weidner and Nora Joy

DGS seniors Alexa Falotico and Courtney Ferreri have participated in DGS athletics since their freshman year. As athletes, they respond to some out-of-the-ordinary questions regarding sports. Given that they both play volleyball, their responses seem to indicate that they both would rather not vary from their specialty.

Q: If you were in the Olympics, what sport would you want to compete in?
A: Beach volleyball for the summer Olympic games and ice skating. That would be sick. – AF
I would want to do those fast down-the-hill skiing races. -CF

Q: If you could choose to do any sport at DGS, what sport would you do?
A: Gymnastics if I was good at it, but I’m not. -CF
And I’d say softball. -AF

Q: Would you ever want to be a professional athlete?
A: No I think sports are for fun for me. I just do it to keep in shape for now. -CF
I’m kind of the same way; it’s just a lot of stress and time management. -AF

Q: Is there any sport you tried that you were super bad at?
A: Basketball or soccer, I just don’t have coordination and I’m also not super aggressive. I don’t like getting up in people’s faces and blocking them. In volleyball, you have a section to protect. -AF

Q: Many people play soccer when they are little, did you ever participate in this popular sport for young children?
A: Soccer is just a lot of running and I don’t do running, I’m bad at running a lot. I will be on the floor if I have to run that much. -CF

I did soccer when I was really little and I was the kid on the field that was picking dandelions while everyone else was fighting over the ball. – AF