What fall activity should you participate in based on your sign?


Kate Riley

I enjoyed a delicious fall latte with an apple cider doughnut, which was perfect for fall.


You love to stay organized, so decorating a journal with a fall theme is right up your ally. Just imagine taping leaves on a crisp, new page and writing “September” at the top in cute calligraphy. Now go put a moleskin in your Amazon cart.


You need to go jump into a pile of leaves. Let go of your worries and become a child again as you surround yourself with nature. It’s impossible to worry about a pre-calc test when the scent of crisp leaves surrounds you!


You seem to always be cold, so you need to go buy a plaid scarf. Old Navy probably has a sale going on right now, so you better hurry.


You have to go to a corn maze — it’s even in your astrological sign. Get lost in the corn stalks.


Satisfy your cravings and go buy a pumpkin spice latte — you deserve it! While you’re at it, spoil yourself with an apple cider donut as well.


You need to clear your head, so go take a hike and enjoy the beautiful fall landscapes. Bring a friend who won’t get mad at you if you accidentally take a wrong turn at Waterfall Glen and hike 20 miles instead of five.


It’s time to dust off the decorative, cotton cobwebs from last fall and pull out your DVD of “Hocus Pocus.” Sarah Jessica Parker and a bowl of popcorn are calling your name.


You have been waiting all year to bake those Pillsbury Halloween cookies. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees and get ready for a delicious night in.


The perfect weekend for you is not under the Friday night lights but screaming in a haunted house. Get a group of friends together and find the scariest one near you!


You seem to have a keen eye for detail, so naturally you would pick out the best pumpkins. Go to the nearest pumpkin patch near you for a fun day with family or friends!


Take a trip down memory lane and pick some apples at an orchard! Better yet, bake homemade apple pie with the apples you pick.


Hopefully, you have payday this week because you’re about to blow a ton of cash on a new wardrobe of sweaters. How can you pass up so many cozy cardigans? Make sure to buy them all in fall colors!