The greener things in life tell your horoscopes


Owen Chaidez

Plants come in all sorts of different forms, just like these lucky items.

Taurus: You will have a busy yet prosperous week. Good things will enter into your life.
Lucky plant: Cactus

Gemini: Go out and try that restaurant you have always wanted to go to. Experience comes to those who search for it.
Lucky plant: Rose

Cancer: People will always support you no matter what you go through. Your lifelong dream will come true.
Lucky Plant: Ivy

Leo: That super hard unit test that you’ve been dreading will be a breeze for you. Believe in yourself.
Lucky plant: Sunflower

Virgo: The hours you spent on your presentation went to waste, better luck next time.
Lucky Plant: Grapevines

Libra: You know that person who has been talking about you behind your back? They are going to realize their wrongdoings and apologize.
Lucky plant: Eucalyptus

Scorpio: Your pet ended up running away. Hopefully you find it soon and maybe take better care of it next time.
Lucky Plant: Stinging Nettle

Sagittarius: The entire class will burst out laughing at your jokes all day long. You are the funniest person around.
Lucky plant: Mint leaves

Capricorn: Your perfect methods of organization fall into chaos. Hope you can tell your teacher where your math homework went.
Lucky plant: Hogweed

Aquarius: On your way to prom you gloat a little too much, busting out your favorite dance moves you end up tripping and falling face forward into a puddle. Next time maybe keep a down a notch?
Lucky plant: lilypad

Pisces: Your crush will finally notice your hints, and reciprocate the same ones back to you. Your feelings are finally healed
Lucky plant: Dandelion

Aries: On your way to the gym you’re going to receive compliments left and right for your physique. Don’t ever stop grinding champ.
Lucky plant: Mangrove tree