Key Club brings the Crush can fundraiser back to DGS


Nora Joy

Key club will be selling three different flavors of soda, each associated with either friends, partners, or crushes.

Key Club is “excited” to announce that they will be bringing back the highly anticipated Crush can fundraiser to DGS. Students will have the opportunity to buy Crush cans for their friends, partners or crushes from Feb. 7th to 10th. All proceeds will go to the Honor Flight Chicago non-profit organization, which pays for senior veterans to fly to Washington D.C in order to recognize them for their bravery and patriotism.

Slight changes have been made to the fundraiser to minimize the spread of COVID-19. Key Club has decided not to pass the Crush cans out to students in class in order to avoid having large groups of students unmask to drink sodas. Physical Education teacher and Key Club sponsor Jillian Erzigtalked about how they are implementing these changes this year.

“The fundraiser looks a little bit different this year because you can’t physically get the crush can in class. Instead, you will just get the cardstock and then will have to pick it up in the commons area but other than that it’s pretty much what we have been doing for years,” Erzig said.

Key Club President and senior Anabella Chlada gave insight into how Key Club organizes and runs the event.

“Key Club plans the event. We make the cards, send out the cards, and distribute the cans to people who got them. Our club plays a huge part in the organization by getting everyone’s schedule down and the cans that were bought for them,” Chlada said.

Chlada also talked about the perks of participating in the fundraiser.

“People should participate in Crush cans because it is a great way to fundraise and also a great way to show people you love and care about them, and it’s always good to spread love,” Chlada said.

Senior Maya Santos echoed Chlada’s points about why students should participate in Crush cans.

“People should buy them because it can make your friends’ day and it’s towards a good cause so there is really nothing to lose, and you get soda,” Santos said.

In addition to this, all proceeds are going to the Honor Flight Chicago, a non-profit organization. Erzig shared a bit more about this organization.

“We are donating to Honor Flight Chicago which is honoring veterans that are able to go to Washington D.C and it funds their trip. They fly out in the morning and come home at night and it’s such an awesome experience,” Erzig said.

Crush cans have been a long-held tradition at DGS. Erzig shared how she too received Crush Can as a student at DGS.

“We have been doing this for years. I was a student here from 2002-2006 and I even remember receiving Crush cans, so I am so excited that we are doing this again,” Erzig said.

While DGS has had to change a lot of former traditions due to COVID-19, Crush cans continue to be a favorite among DGS students and staff.

Update: Due to supply issues, DGS was unable to order a bulk supply of Crush cans. As a result, Key Club has decided to sell conversations hearts, changing the fundraiser name to Cupid Notes.