What haunted house should you go to based off your sign?


Graphic by Elliot Sheets

Halloween season is here and it’s time for you to find what you should do this spooktober.


This spooky season, while your intentions may be good, you will find yourself at Evil Intentions Haunted House in Elgin. This haunted house offers a genuine scare with its’ multi-level scream fest that will leave you craving more. This haunted house allows you to have the most authentic haunted experience with this paranormal hot spot.


You don’t need it to be Halloween time in order for you to be in the Halloween spirit, for you it’s spooky season all year long. Nothing really scares you, except for the occasional scream when you see a spider, so haunted houses really aren’t your thing. You’d rather go summon a demon or practice witchcraft than spend your time indulging in boring mortal activities. 


You’re feeling risky and in the mood to try something new this Halloween to break out of the current routine you’re stuck in. You should check out Midnight Terror Haunted House in Oak Lawn for a scare unlike any other. With their new renovations and additions they’re assured to leave you craving fear.


While you like a scare you’re known as a universal scaredy cat, so instead of going to an actual haunted house the biggest scare you can handle this Halloween is the Woodridge Haunted Forest Walk. This 30 minute walk through a community forest with teens in zombie makeup jumping out at you is enough to make your skin crawl on the ride home. You love the idea of Halloween, yet you can’t totally handle all it has to offer. 


There is nothing you love more than Halloween, and now that is finally spooky time you’re allowed to express your craze for the season. Your first stop should be the 13th Floor in Melrose Park where you can experience endless screams. You love the thrill and this haunted house won’t be the only one on your list this Halloween.


You love exploring your boundaries which is bound to have you break out of your comfort zone this Halloween. This is why you should visit Abandon Haunted House Complex in Mt. Pleasant where they have not one, but four different attractions to choose from. Your skin is sure to crawl from the Midwest’s fear capital.


You’re classic and love the traditional aspects of Halloween which is why you wanna stick to something you know this season. You’ll be caught at the Downers Grove Park District visiting their annual haunted house. While walking through, you’ll probably get caught saying hi to some friends or making fun of the lame scares, but you’ll have fun while doing it.


Instead of spending your fall season checking out the haunted scenes you might want to opt out and stay inside with your pumpkin spice latte this fall. Haunted houses are not your thing and though you may enjoy a good scare you’d rather experience it in the comfort of your own home. So instead of pretending to be invested in cliche Halloween experience try to immerse yourself in the real spirit.


You are ready for a Thrill this Halloween and are willing to travel near and far to get it. You should stop by Realm of Terror in Round Lake Beach where you’ll find a scare far from home. With intense amount of makeup and SFX they’ll trick you into believing monsters are real and giving you and endless stream of nightmares.


Though you get scared easily you absolutely LOVE it and are willing to travel to the scariest haunted houses even though they may leave you with nightmares. Between watching all the Scream movies and You should go to Hellsgate Haunted House in Lockport where you’re assured to receive a scare that’ll give you permanent goosebumps. 


You love to be in the spotlight, so instead of going to a haunted house you’d rather be apart of one. All lights, or lack thereof, are on you in the dark grimy scenes of Statesville. You and Fluffy are going to be best friends this season as you work side by side to give Illinois the best scare of its’ life.


While Virgo season is ending you feel like you need to do something crazy this Halloween. Which is why you’re traveling to Indiana to visit Haunted Hills Hospital to get a scare that you can’t quite find here in Illinois. The patients at this hospital are awaiting your arrival and once their done it’ll leave you running for the hills.