Netflix series ‘Never Have I Ever’ brings new twist to a typical story


Isabella Johnsen

Netflix’s new original series “Never Have I Ever” is a teenage must-see.

Netflix recently released a new original series called “Never Have I Ever”, which focuses on the life of a struggling sophomore named Devi. While this show takes a typical approach to an overplayed teenage story of striving to be popular in high school, it also has diverse character backgrounds that make this storyline particularly interesting. This show deals with grief and friendship in a way I haven’t really seen before, and it shows what it’s like for the underdogs to win.

Devi enters her sophomore year bright-eyed and hopeful that she can achieve the ultimate goal of any main character in a highschool coming-of-age film, to be cool and be with the most popular guy in school, Paxton. Yet this road to popularity doesn’t come easy, for Devi has a lot to unpack in her personal life before she can become who she wants to be. But she must also keep a calm face in front of her friends, Fabiola and Nalini, and her enemy, Ben.

One major life event Devi refuses to unpack is the passing of her father that happened just eight months prior, at her band concert I might add. She constantly dances around the tough topic of her father, which does more harm than good for her mental health. This also is what causes a rift in her relationship with her mother, they are both struggling to continue on with life as normal now that Devi’s father is gone.

Also, there’s the forever confusing relationship between Devi and Ben that constantly leaves you wondering if they’re about to box or kiss. The chemistry between the two is undeniable from the first episode, even if it’s portrayed as just classic banter. Ben has always had a sweet spot for Devi and when she needed it the most he came in and became the guy she never knew could save her.

While this show mainly focuses on Devi’s conquest to be with Paxton, it also sheds some light on how that affects her relationship with her friends, Fabiolia and Nalini, when she neglects their needs. It brings a realistic approach to how if you treat people terribly they’re not going to run back into your arms when it’s convenient for you. This power trio represents all different parts of high school and is also insanely diverse with Devi being a musical prodigy and Indian, Fabiolia being a robotics master and mixed and Nalini being an actress and Asian.

“Never Have I Ever”, while following the archetypal teenage TV show plot, has a lot of important messages portrayed to young adolescents about relationships, love, and life. While I was skeptical about pressing play on this show at 3 a.m. I have found that it not only has great representation with a non-white lead cast, but it also shows the importance of finding who you are. Which is really what every high schooler is trying to do, so go and find yourself and if you need help try watching “Never Have I Ever”.