You should sit down for these lucky chair horoscopes

Anjali Kota

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Anthony Addante

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Sitting in your lucky chair is a very auspicious moment this week. Be on the lookout.

Aries: You won’t have the most productive week, and that might get on your nerves. Just remember, everyone has unproductive weeks. Soak in the relaxation and be rejuvenated for next week. Lucky chair: Sofa.

Taurus: You will be uncharacteristically sleepy this week. Allow yourself the time to relax, and when it is time, you must get back to work. Lucky chair: Recliner.

Gemini: You will have a good week because you will win at something. It might result in a burned bridge, but hey, at least you won. Lucky chair: Desk chair.

Cancer: You will have a good time with your loved ones this week. Remember to savor every moment with the people that allow you to express yourself the most. Lucky chair: Armchair.

Leo: This week, you will have a good time relaxing in the sun with your favorite cold drink in hand. Allow yourself to be lost in the sweet spring rays. Lucky chair: Folding chair.

Virgo: This week, you should take time to appreciate nature. Sit outside for a little bit and marinate in the early spring air. Lucky chair: Garden chair.

Libra: This week, you will meet someone interesting. Hold on to them because they will spice up your life, but let go when it’s time. Lucky chair: Stool.

Scorpio: This week, you should showcase your talents. You have plenty, even if it doesn’t seem like it. Lucky chair: Park Bench.

Sagittarius: You will receive some bad news this week. Next week will be better. Lucky chair: Waiting room chair

Capricorn: This week, you are bound to look your best. Everyone will compliment you. Lucky chair: Barber chair.

Aquarius: Make sure to enjoy the cold sting of a lost friendship. It will harden you in the long run. Lucky chair: Hammock.

Pisces: This week, you will feel like a royal. Just remember that there’s nothing as kingly as kindness. Lucky chair: Throne.