Kelly discusses Taylor Swift


Madeleine Kelly

Madeleine Kelly, pictured wearing the iconic Taylor Swift cardigan attended the Taylor Swift Eras tour in Chicago this June.

Class of 2023 senior Madeleine Kelly is a self-proclaimed “Taylor Swift expert.” Outside of loving Taylor Swift, Kelly is extremely involved at DGS as president of Key Club, an officer for DECA and a member of Changemakers and the Drama club. After DGS, Kelly is planning to attend Saint Louis University and major in marketing.

Q: Rank Taylor Swift’s albums.
A: Oh, let me pull up my notes app–mine is controversial. So, number one is a tie between “Speak Now” and “1989,” because I can’t choose. Number 2 has kind of changed, it’s “evermore”/”folklore,” I can’t separate them. Three is “Midnights,” four is “Red,” five is “Reputation,” six is “Fearless,” seven is “Lover,” eight is her debut album, “Taylor Swift.”

Q: When did you start liking Taylor Swift?
A: Literally, I cannot remember a time before I didn’t like Taylor Swift. That sounds so weird but I honestly cannot remember a time before there was Taylor Swift in my life.

Q: If you had to choose, what is your favorite Taylor Swift song?
A: I would say “Clean” by Taylor Swift from her “1989” album. It’s a great song, and it got me through a lot of stuff. It’s also a really good pop song and I love it.

Q: What is your favorite thing about Taylor Swift?
A: I would say her storytelling. The way that she is able to create a story within a song, and just keep her listeners hooked on the lyrics is admirable about her. And just like her originality within songwriting; there’s not alot of artists that individually write their songs by themself or that are known purely for their songwriting, and she’s good at that.

Q: Do you actually think that Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn broke up?
A: I do. Why else would Matty Healy [The lead singer of band The 1975] fly 19 hours to see her at her Eras tour if they weren’t dating? And also the fact that she changed [one of her songs on tour] “Invisible String” which is a song about Joe Alwyn from her “Folklore” album to “The One” which is kind of a breakup song from “Folklore.”